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Tom Holland is preparing to return to the big screen once again in his performance as Peter Parker in the third (and probably last) solo installment of Spider-Man with “No Way Home”, a film that has raised great expectations from fans , who have formulated all kinds of theories about its plot.

Jon Watts again positions himself as a screenwriter and writer in a story that takes up the events of “Far From Home”, in which Mysterio supposedly revealed to the whole world the identity of the arachnid hero. Although no details about his story have been revealed, it is known that Benedict Cumberbatch will feature a guest appearance.

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The participation of Doctor Strange and the apparent connection that this film will present with its sequel have left fans a very clear idea: The multiverse will be involved, especially after the confirmation of Alfred Molina, who revealed that he will play the same Otto Octavius ​​we saw. in the 2004 film “Spider-Man 2”.

After it was announced that Jamie Foxx would return to play Electro after his appearance in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”, theories have been formulated about the possible participation of Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire, so fans of the MCU have been impatient to see a trailer for the film, something that the producers of the franchise were willing to please.

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The social media team of “Spider-Man: No Way Home” is aware of the needs of the fans, so they have revealed a large black trailer, which has been covered with the official logos of the film. Something that surely sounded funnier than it actually turned out.

Filming for “Spider-Man: No Way Home” just wrapped up in March, so the film is still in post-production. With a release planned for the month of December, it is sensible to assume that the first trailer for the film will reach fans in the coming months, although it is likely that we will first see the trailer for “Eternals”, a film that hopes to be released in the year last.


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No Way Home ”trolls fans waiting for the trailer – nonenglishfeed