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Black Widow – 87% was released a couple of months ago in Disney Plus and theaters, marking the total farewell of the Black Widow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the entry of a new superheroine in the saga. The film also introduced us to a handful of characters, including Taskmaster, an antagonist played by Olga Kurylenko who surprised fans with incredible combat moves and a harrowing life story. Through an interview with GamesRadar, Olga reveals he wants a spin-off series for Taskmaster on Disney Plus.

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The tape of Black widow places us shortly before the events observed in Avengers: Infinity War – 79%. Natasha Romanoff finds her lost foster sister and together they set out on a mission to destroy the Red Room, using the help of her fake parents, Melina and Alexei. The result is an enormous journey of action and excitement in which freeing yourself from the oppressive clutches is the primary goal. And of course things are not easy for Natasha from the beginning, as Taskmaster is sent by the main villain to destroy her.

Taskmaster’s story was completely changed for the Black Widow movie, something that MCU fans didn’t quite like. In this film it is about Antonia Dreykov, daughter of General Dreykov (creator of the Black Widow project), a woman affected by Natasha’s actions in the past and who was finally operated on by her father to make her a powerful fighter and bowed before her Will. For the last act of the tape, Black Widow saves Taskmaster, freeing her from her father’s control; she is rescued by the other Black Widows and transferred to a different place.

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But although Taskmaster’s time in Black widow it already happened, Olga Kurylenko dreams much more for his character. When GamesRadar Asked if she would be willing to star in a spin-off series on Disney Plus, this was her response: “Hmm, let me think about it. I’m not kidding. Yes of course. [Risas] Of course.” Of course, such a project would have to be approved by the high lords of Marvel Studios, however, there are too many plans involved, including the development of Yelena Belova in the MCU, the next Black Widow. Only time will tell if Antonia Dreykov will have another chance in the saga or if she will stay as a one shot character.

Right now, Marvel fans can enjoy Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings – 95%, the second Marvel Studios new-age movie to hit theaters. This adventure is part of Phase 4, a stage that will have the multiverse as its axis of action and that will shape surprising trips with our favorite characters. On the other hand, perhaps the most anticipated film of the process is Spider-Man: No Road Home, whose teaser trailer was shown a few weeks ago, turning social networks to the appearance and suggestion of characters long-awaited by fans. It opens on December 17 only in theaters.

The next MCU film is Eternals, a high-impact adventure that will introduce us to incredibly powerful superheroes, a journey by Chloé Zhao that promises to rise as the most beautiful of Marvel in cinematic terms. After 2020 without Marvel Studios, executives are very clear about their objectives and are unleashing all the products that were delayed. Exciting times are coming for fans of the MCU, with journeys that could far surpass anything seen before.

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Olga Kurylenko wants a spin-off series for Taskmaster on Disney Plus – nonenglishfeed