Olivia Munn regrets rise in hate crimes against Asian Americans

Munn was among the people who shared images from their social network.


Olivia Munn has spoken out against an increase in violence against Asians in the United States amid the coronavirus pandemic, saying her friend’s mother was recently attacked on a New York City street.

Images of the incident began circulating on social media earlier this week. The clip shows a person apparently pushing the woman out of a bakery in Flushing, Queens.

Munn was among the people who shared images from his social networks and said that the woman in the video is the mother of one of his friends.

“My friend’s mother is a 5’3 ” Chinese woman over 50 years old and was attacked by this guy in Flushing, NY yesterday on Main St and Roosevelt between 2 and 4 pm,” Munn wrote on 17 February. “He left the hospital with 10 points on his head. We’re going to find this guy. Queens, Internet, please … do your shit. “

New York City authorities made a call asking the public for advice that same day.

On Thursday (February 18) they announced that an arrest had been made, crediting advice provided by the public.

Patrick Mateo, 47, of Queens, was arrested Thursday in connection with the case and faced charges of harassment and battery, the New York Police Department told The Independent. The motive for the alleged charges has not been revealed.

Earlier this month, days before the alleged attack, Munn shared a social media post speaking out against hate crimes against Asian Americans during the coronavirus pandemic.

“In recent days I have found myself speechless in the face of the rise in hate crimes against Asians,” he wrote. “Racist, verbal and physical attacks have left my community afraid to go out.” She added: “These hate crimes have skyrocketed since COVID-19 and continue to rise even though we ask for help, even though we ask our fellow citizens to be outraged for us, even though we ask for more media coverage of communication”.

A recent report by the Asian-American Bar Association of New York noted “widespread reports of hate incidents (physical and verbal abuse) against Asian Americans during the pandemic,” adding that “Asian Americans they have also been victims of countless other crimes, even though they are not classified as hate crimes due to allegedly insufficient evidence of racial animosity. “


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Olivia Munn regrets rise in hate crimes against Asian Americans