Oxygen is the Netflix horror film directed by Alexandre Aja

Oxygen (2021) is the new movie of Alexandre Aja (The Hills Have Eyes e IHell Underwater) that he carried out in collaboration with Netflix. Yes, this streaming platform never ceases to amaze with the vast diversity of genres it produces and for all kinds of public. Now it will be the turn of lovers of suspense and terrorWell, this film promises to take your breath away.

The first look of the tape was revealed on the official social networks of the streaming service where it appears Melanie Laurent (Inglorious Bastards) as the protagonist of the film written by Christie LeBlanc and who shares credits with actors like Mathieu Amalric (El Gran Hotel Budapest) and Malik Zidi (Wellington Lines) in this French production. Surely, this will become one of the many horror movies that leave you wondering.

Mélanie Laurent is the protagonist of the film Oxygen (2021) that will be released in May on Netflix.

Courtesy Netflix.

What is Oxygen about?

What promises to be one of the best horror movies on Netflix, tells the story of a young woman (Melanie Laurent) who wakes up in a cryogenic capsule not knowing who he is or how he got there. The oxygen it runs out quickly, and you must regain your memory to escape this nightmare. Although it looks a lot like the 2010 Ryan Reynolds movie Buried, this is in space.

‘It made me think about the best of Buried, but with a twist of 28 Days Later. I was stuck until the end, I imagined waking up locked in this cryogenic unit, trying to find out who put me there and why, I felt their despair, “he said Alexandre Aja in an interview with an American publication. And the comparison of 28 Days Later It is not a coincidence, because the director stated that Oxygen it will be a great post apocalyptic and emotional game.

Who are the protagonists of Oxygen?

Melanie Laurent is the common thread of Oxygen. This actress of French origin has played multiple roles in ribbons Hollywoodenses such as Beginners, This is how Love feels (2010), Los Ilisuionistas: Nada Es Lo Que Appear (2013), Respira (2014), where she served as director of the film.

Mélanie Laurent on stage from the film Oxygen (2021).

Courtesy Netflix.

The actress, also known for The search (2017), appears on screen with actors What Mathieu Amalric who has appeared in movies like Munich (2005), 007 Quantum (2008) and Crying Butterfly (2007). AND Malik Zidi from films What Marie Curie (2016), Gauguin, Taihiti trip (2017) and Play (2019).

When is the film Oxygen released?

For lovers of gender gore and violent, characteristic of Alexandre Aja, they will be a little disappointed to learn that the director himself has commented that this history is not bloody, but he has described it as’ a mysterious box built like a labyrinth, from which they have to escape. ‘ Which makes this film even more intriguing and highly anticipated by all those who love horror movies and jump out of their seats while watching it. Oxygen has a release date in the streaming platform for May 12 of this year.


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Oxygen is the Netflix horror film directed by Alexandre Aja