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Tory Senator is Still Defending Comments on Residential School

Conservative senator, Lynn Beyak is still defending her controversial remarks regarding Canada’s residential schools, and claimed that she wouldn’t step down from her seat on the Senate’s aboriginal peoples committee after the backlash. There have been calls for her to step down after her comments, but Beyak is not even… … Keep Reading


Keystone Pipeline Final Decision To Be Announced

It seems that the plans for the controversial and delayed Keystone XL pipeline will finally move forward, after the U.S. State Department granted a presidential permit to TransCanada. The Keystone XL pipeline has faced fierce opposition from environmentalists regarding the potential impact it will make on climate change. However, the… … Keep Reading


Canadians Find Weed Killer in 30% of Tested Food!

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has finally done what the U.S. government refuses to do, which is testing foods that are commonly consumed by people to find residues for the weed killer, a controversial herbicide that is linked to cancer. The results aren’t great, as the agency found glyphosate a… … Keep Reading


Canada Mining Company is Suing Colombia for $700 Million

The controversial Canadian gold mining company, Gran Colombia Gold, is suing Colombia for $700 million after various exploitation disputes arose. The company, which was registered formally on the Toronto Stock Exchange, is owned by Venezuelan and Colombian elites. It has been facing years of controversy largely, because of disagreements with… … Keep Reading


Liberals Admit Terrorists Will Help Shape M-103 In Canada

In layman terms, liberal say radical Islam will be the voice behind M-103 which is a law condemning all  forms of Islamophobia including towards terrorists and radical Muslims. Almost all forms of terrorism is connected to radical Islam, liberals will disagree but the truth is out there.  In an interview… … Keep Reading


Controversial Documentary on Mother Canada set to Release

The idea for creating the Mother Canada statue was initially declined, as it was due to be placed in Cape Breton Highlands National Park. It was the subject of major outcry and created needless controversy for many people as well. However, filmmaker Craig Jackson saw this opportunity to make a… … Keep Reading


Canada’s Anti-Islamophobia Study Will Start Next Month

Canada’s controversial anti-Islamophobia motion has been called for and it is passed. Now all that remains is for the motion to officially take effect, and it is very likely that will happen in the coming months. Calls for a study have ringing around for some time now, and the Standing… … Keep Reading

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