Photo of Drew Barrymore revealing his past of excess

Drew Barrymore she’s been in the limelight since she was little and she has undoubtedly become one of the most beloved actresses in Hollywood.

With his great charisma and talent He has managed to stay at the top, expanding his success among films, series and his own ventures.

Nevertheless, things weren’t always rosy for Drew And it is that when she started in the industry as a child, she led her to drink wrong decisions that almost cost him his life.

The actress of Santa Clarita’s Diet He shared a series of images on his Instagram account and in one of them he appears with the rocker Billy Idol. This revived those experiences of the famous in the so-called Studio 54, one of the most exclusive clubs in New York, frequented by the most important figures of the show in the United States and Europe.

Barrymoe was just 11 years old when he sneaked into the extravagant celebrations of the celebrities who attended this place of doom. By the time he turned 13 he was already hitting rock bottom or so he revealed on one occasion to The Guardian.

When I was 13, that was my lowest moment. Knowing that she was truly alone. That feeling was horrible. It was a very rebellious time. I would run away. I was very angry, ”she said.

Drew appeared on the big screen in his first major role at the tender age of six in the movie Steven Spielberg ET the alien. Since then, he has placed himself in the sights of important directors and producers who wanted to catapult his career.

A broken family and a complicated past

drew barrymore
drew barrymore

Spotlights weren’t new to Drew as she grew up in a family of artists who also lived in excess. His father was the actor John Barrymore, was a violent alcoholic, while his mother and manager, Jaid Barrymore, never showed that maternal instinct to protect and guide her on his rise to fame.

Jaid Barrymore was the one who started taking his own 9-year-old daughter to the famous Studio 54. Drew began experimenting with drugs and alcohol, while her mother encouraged her to date famous men.

No matter how bright the beginning of her career may have been, by 15, Barrymore was unemployed, At 16 he had to earn a living cleaning toilets and at 20 he had already been married and divorced twice.

“It really is a recipe for disaster. But do you know what is exciting? I ended up at 14 in an institution, on the black list, without a family… ”, he said.

Drew’s rebirth

drew barrymore

After finding herself out of work and mired in addictions and depression, in the second half of the nineties, Drew got a second chance in the nineties which led her to become “the queen of romantic comedy.”

He needed that discipline. My life was not normal. I went to school like the rest, but my circumstances were completely different. There was something that was abnormal in my life and I needed that to change, “he ends up counting.

With movies like The Wedding Singer, Ever After: A Cinderella Story and Never Been Kissed, the actress gave herself the break she so badly needed. In the early 2000s, he starred in Charlie’s Angels next to Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu.

drew barrymore

In 2020, Barrymore debuted as his talk show hostel The Drew Barrymore Show in which he interviews different personalities from the industry.

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Photo of Drew Barrymore revealing his past of excess