With the expropriation of the Inca Huasi property, 3,525 m2 will be gained for the Park

The Chamber of Deputies approved in its last session on Thursday the expropriation of the land occupied by the Inca Huasi basketball club in Parque de Mayo, for which the provincial government will allocate 218.3 million pesos. It is a 3,525 m2 property, which will be used to expand the green space area of ​​the promenade and which is part of the comprehensive remodeling project of the place. In exchange for the transfer of that portion of land, the official commitment is to build a new stadium for the sports institution in the vicinity of Hyper Libertad and only when it is finished, for which there is still no date, will it be the transfer. From the entity they gave their agreement to the official plan.

Alberto Demartini, Secretary of Public Works, explained that the decision to move forward with the expropriation of the club’s land is part of the official project to remodel the Parque de Mayo, which includes cultural buildings and expanding green spaces, which originates with the Teatro del Bicentennial to finish at the Infinite Undiscovered educational center, on Juan B. Alberdi Street and Spain Av.

But, instead of giving the expropriation money to the club, the commitment of the local government is to build a stadium for the practice of basketball. The most likely terrain is one that is located in Sargento Cabral and Salta, near Hyper Libertad.

Carlos Yanzi, president of Inca Huasi, the dean of basketball in San Juan, said that “there is the Governor’s word that they are going to build us a stadium.” The leader specified that, according to the project discussed, the playing field will have a floating parquet floor, stands, ceiling and lighting. In addition, it will have a canteen, multipurpose room and green space for the recreation of the members.

There is still no date for the start of the works, but the intention is to start the works in early 2022. And only when the works are completed will the move be done. And you can begin the demolition of the facilities that the club currently has so that later the landscaping of the land can be done.

“The sooner we can leave the better,” Yanzi said, giving his approval to the official initiative.

The plan to expand Parque de Mayo was announced in December 2015, shortly after Governor Sergio Uñac took office. And it is part of a project that also includes the construction of bridges between the key buildings in the area, underground parking lots and the provision of more services, such as new and better lighting.

The new Parque de Mayo and its surroundings will prioritize the comfort of pedestrians, with landscaped spaces, facilities for enjoyment and outdoor sports.

To integrate the walk to the buildings of the cultural axis (Civic Center, Convention Center, Juan Victoria Auditorium, Bicentennial Theater, Museum of Fine Arts and Dinosaur World) the plan includes the construction of pedestrian bridges that will cross Ignacio de la Roza, 25 de Mayo and Las Heras. And in that proposal there is also the possibility that Alberdi street is semi-pedestrian.

Although up to now the Government has made progress with Inca Huasi, with a rich sports history (see separately), negotiations are continuing with another club that is in Parque de Mayo, which is the Lawn Tennis Club, so that it also leaves the area to change of moving to another property. On the subject, Demartini said that “it is still pending.”

The ñokaiko celebrated 91 years of work

Two days ago, on Saturday November 27, Inca Huasi, which means Casa del Inca, the oldest basketball club in San Juan, founded in 1930, turned 91 years old. And it did so with the novelty of the moving plan, as confirmed by its president, Carlos Yanzi.

The ñokaikos, as they tell the club’s supporters, currently have about 300 families linked to the institution. Only in the categories ranging from 4 to 20 years there are about 200 players, according to Yanzi, and the rest are the players of the first, those of the maxibasquet and the partners of the institution.

The celebration was simple, as current health conditions require, with recognition to former presidents and founding partners of the institution.

After passing through different venues, several of them on loan, Inca Huasi arrived at Parque de Mayo after the 1944 earthquake, but his days on the premises are numbered. The move, as agreed with the provincial authorities, will only be made when the new stadium in the vicinity of Hyper Libertad is available.

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With the expropriation of the Inca Huasi property, 3,525 m2 will be gained for the Park