Program and where to see #SAVEDAREDEVIL during the SDCC

The fan-driven #SaveDaredevil campaign for a fourth season of Daredevil presents an online event full of activities during the SDCC

#SaveDaredevil is a global campaign run by a network of Marvel’s Daredevil fans, with the purpose of reviving the series that aired for three seasons on Netflix before being canceled. Initially formed to gather fan support for a fourth season of Marvel Daredevil on Netflix, its focus shifted following the cancellation of Daredevil in November 2018. Since then, the main focus of the campaign has been to revive the series with the same. cast, creative team and TV-MA rating. In the 18 months since its formation, the campaign has won the support of many people involved in the series, including actors, stunt actors and creative team.

From July 23-26, the fan-led campaign #SaveDaredevil will feature the virtual convention #SaveDaredevil Con. This convention will feature pre-recorded panels featuring the cast, crew and other favorites from the world of Daredevil, artwork and cosplay, giveaways and events. live as interactive trivia, online fan encounters, and group re-broadcasts. This virtual convention will be free.

Interviews and round tables

A Conversation with Erik Oleson and Steven DeKnight – Fans will be able to witness a conversation between the showrunners, Erik Oleson (Season 3) and Steven DeKnight (Season 1), about their time directing Marvel Daredevil.

10 Questions with Deborah Ann Woll and Geoffrey Cantor

Deborah Ann Woll (Karen Page) and Geoffrey Cantor (Mitchel Ellison) come together for an extensive interview covering topics like Daredevil, acting, your inner child, and much more.

Cast round table

The Marvel Daredevil Cast Roundtable, moderated by the #SaveDaredevil team, features cast members from all three seasons of the series, including Geoffrey Cantor (Mitchel Ellison), Sunita Deshpande (Seema Nadeem), Royce Johnson (Brett Mahoney), Amy Rutberg (Marcí Stah /), Peter Shinkoda (Nobu) and Susan Varon (Josie), answering questions from fans and discussing their time on the series.

Round table with the #SaveDaredevil team

Various members of the team behind the campaign will discuss the evolution of the movement, the group’s strategies and organization, tips for organizing rescue campaigns for other series, and the different ways in which Daredevil fans can get involved.

Talking about Daredevil: a fan Roundtable

Charlie Cox's Daredevil Must Return To MCU

A deep dive into the TV series and 51 years of comics Daredevil, directed by fans Kuljit of, Christine de The Other Murdock Papers, Joshua del podcast Joshua and Jamie Do Daredevil, and Emma from the blog Daresplaining.

Live virtual events

#FandomWithoutFear trivia encounters

This event will test fans about knowledge about Daredevil. The prizes will include souvenirs designed exclusively for #SaveDaredevilCon.

Experience the series with other fans in one of the #SaveDaredevilCon Group Streams!

Fans will gather on a Discord server while watching Daredevil episodes selected by the #SaveDaredevil team. Frank Castle fans will also enjoy streaming episodes of The Punisher, presented by the #SavePunisher and #SaveDaredevil teams.

#FandomWithoutFear Animal Crossing Encounters

Hop on a seaplane and join one of the #SaveDaredevilCon tours, where you can explore the best places in the Marvel Netflix universe on a multi-day tour of several islands. Hosts from the #SaveDaredevil team will have props of your favorite characters, events where you’ll have the chance to win fun prizes and photo opportunities galore. Each island tourism event will also be simulcast live on the official #SaveDaredevil YouTube channel.

Multiple Animal Crossing trivia events, broadcasts and encounters will be scheduled to accommodate a variety of time zones. Check the official calendar for more information.

Fans will have the opportunity to chat directly with the stars and hear behind-the-scenes stories in this lively Q&A session on YouTube live, featuring Geoffrey Cantor, Peter Shinkoda and Tommy Walker.

Try a Daredevil-style sweat session during a live workout with Naqam Washington!

The challenging workouts of this acclaimed New York-based fitness expert played an integral role in getting and keeping Charlie Cox (Matt Murdock) in shape throughout the series. Now is your turn!

#SaveDaredevilCon Artists Alley Doors

The event will feature an extraordinary exhibit showcasing the work of artists, creators, and cosplayers from across the Daredevil fandom. Anyone interested in taking part in the exhibition should visit for more information.

To see the full calendar of events, panels and featured guests, you can visit the website and follow the official #SaveDaredevil channels on social networks: Twitter, lnstagram, Facebook y YouTube.

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Program and where to see #SAVEDAREDEVIL during the SDCC