Reasons Suicide Squad is better than public and underrated

While it has been five years since the release of this DC Comics adaptation by Warner Bros., there has been a lot of disappointment and disrespectful comments about the Suicide Squad movie – 25%. Many have shared their dislike, disapproval, and general disappointment for her through various social media platforms and reviews. Some felt that the film in general lacked a real background, some characters were not necessary for the film, and that the plot was rushed and not well thought out. To be fair, when it comes to a dislike, we can say many things against it, although not all of them are true.

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Suicide Squad – 25% is not a perfect movie, but neither is it that headless mess that has been so exaggerated to poke fun at. You just wouldn’t know from the critical reaction: From complaints about a confusing plot to complaints about the myriad of unknown characters, we’ve been led to believe that the theatrical debut of the Suicide Squad is one of the worst movies ever and that the entire who thinks differently should be crazy accordingly. This article is to tell you that this is not the case. With that in mind, there are several reasons we can comment on why it is better than what is being said, and is actually quite underrated.

The David Ayer-directed comic adaptation is an undeniably messy experience. Reports of very different versions of the existing film, which happened through the editing process and re-recordings, in both cases under pressure from the film studio, were considered a myth at first. However, time proved the director right even though the damage had already been done, as after its release in theaters he quickly developed a reputation as one of the worst filmmakers in superhero and Suicide Squad movies – 25% went on to exemplify a “terrible” superhero movie, despite financial success in the face of overwhelming negative critical response.

If there is another thing that time has also taken care of, it is to be willing to receive “new fans”, that is, the fans who, after having given it another opportunity, have finally built their own opinion and have realized that they were wrong. Or that others were. The film continues to accumulate fans and despite the negativism that surrounded it, Suicide Squad – 25% is far from being forgotten in the DCEU franchise, even when there is another movie with a very similar title and a couple of familiar faces that the studio aims to clean the slate with.

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Directed by David Ayer, the Warner Bros. film focuses on a collection of familiar villains from the DC comic book universe. These deadly and imprisoned supervillains have a chance to be freed from their slavery and help save the world. Amanda Waller (Viola Davis), a government agent, decides to gather this team of villains to work together to destroy an evil force. This “squad” is made up of Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), Deadshot (Will Smith), Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney), Killer Croc (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje), Diablo (Jay Hernández) and Katana (Karen Fukuhara). As they are given a second chance at life, they must learn to work together and avoid the need to rebel (or they will be destroyed).

Here are the biggest reasons why this movie deserves more credit than the negative reviews it has received:

A good cast and good performances

If something stands out to the naked eye in Suicide Squad – 25% is its cast. Will Smith really showed his leadership and skill in this movie and helped the movie flow with great acting and humor. He really gave an unforgettable performance and this will be one of his best movies. The presence of Viola Davis as Amanda Waller brought a more serious appeal. The “terror” he sowed playing the team’s dictator was astonishing. She is ruthless, scary, aggressive, and so much more. Honestly, it’s hard to imagine another person in the role; Davis seemed completely in his element and his performance demanded the attention of all the people in the cinema. When Margot Robbie was cast as Harley Quinn, I was certain that she was going to completely dominate that role. Her performance in this movie is so incredible that she literally radiated psychotic vibes like Harley Quinn and every time she and Jared Leto were on screen, they did magic together. The two of them really did a good job although the Joker version did not sit well with fans.

He has a deserved Oscar

One of the most unfair criticisms leveled against Suicide Squad – 25% is that his defects cancel out his good qualities to the extent that he did not deserve his Oscar victory, which is obviously false. To suggest that the award for Best Makeup and Hairstyling was a blunder by the Academy shows a complete lack of understanding in the processes of filmmaking. Like it or not, the film excels in that arena, depicting an impressive array of hairstyles and makeup on various actors in various conditions without missing a beat of continuity. The film is a master class in this discipline.

The way he revealed the true hero and villain

Some members of the group were more noticeable than others despite not being in the movie much, but Suicide Squad – 25%, despite starring a team of villains, actually has a clear hero and villain. It’s a far cry from the kind of emboldened, progressive performance that audiences applauded in Black Panther, but Suicide Squad – 25% is ultimately a movie that puts its spotlight on two black characters trying to get ahead in an America that is described as being completely controlled by white characters. Deadshot, Amanda Waller, and everything they both do to achieve their goals, further the film’s central, though less well-developed, idea that society creates its own villains. This was surely a disappointment for those who imagined that the great villain would be the Joker, but if something characterizes comic book adaptations is that they always have surprises for fans and the appearance of Jared Leto he did not have as a mission to be the only and most important antagonist in history.

Harley Quinn y Joker

Joker is a character that has a lot of history. Jared Leto he was going to have to reinvent the character just like the actors who came before him and he does it quite well. Leto’s Joker is so far the closest we’ve seen to the villain written by Scott Snyder, while at the same time bringing something new. This Joker feels younger, with a street edge and a slight gangster flair that we haven’t seen before, and innovation is something we would always want to see in him, right? And like all Jokers, he is always one step ahead of everyone. Harley Quinn helps make this Joker work. The Harley of Margot Robbie steals the scenes. She is the brightness and the color of the. story In addition, this combo gives us the romance that we have seen so much in comics and animated productions. Warner Bros. and DC were right to bring in these two, although if the film had not been mutilated by its executives, they would have been better used.

The absence of Tom Hardy was not surprised or noticed

They surely do not remember that Tom Hardy was about to be Rick Flagg, the leader of the squad. The Dark Knight Rises Actor – 87% had to leave the project due to conflict in their work schedule in other productions. Nothing related to the “chaos” that many wanted to sell on this movie again, nor to the rumors that he was not happy with the character’s screen time (which would not justify the way in which many refer to it). Her absence from the role of Amanda Waller’s right-hand man is not felt at all thanks to her solid cast. While it would have been great to include Hardy in an all-star cast, especially after he played Bane in the Christopher Nolan trilogy, Joel Kinnaman’s performance was fine.

The extended version shows that David Ayer’s work was better than the studio’s

There is an extended cut of the film where there is no additional action. All the action seen in the movies in terms of bat hits, gun blasts, and boomerangs is what you get here. Action is rarely left on the editing room floor in superhero movies, or in this case supervillains. When studios are looking to make cuts, it is usually a conversation scene. That’s the case with Suicide Squad – 25%. Yet surprisingly, those conversations between the squad members give these characters a bit more depth. The character who benefits the most from the extra minutes is Harley Quinn. There, he tries to find out what led each of his squadmates to their current baddies. It’s a reminder that Harley, even after her transformation into a supervillain / anti-hero, is still a doctor and one of the brightest minds on the team, which wasn’t as evident in the version that made it to the big screen.

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Reasons Suicide Squad is better than public and underrated