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    Some have been in the fridge for more than a year waiting to be released, others are just out of the editing room … Between what is reserved and what is new, the final stretch of 2021 will be full of great movie premieres. With the aim, and we cross our fingers so that this time it is fulfilled, that the public returns with force to the rooms to relive the real experience of watching a great movie on a big screen. Here are the ten titles most likely to attract those viewers who have not yet taken the step, all with a confirmed release date.

    10 – Dune (September 17)


    The visual impact it causes Dune on the big screen is the first big reason for you to think about going back to the movies. In a darkened room, with surround sound and a large projection, you will surely regain that feeling of a fascinating spectacle that the pandemic largely took away. In addition to this majesty at the level of cinematography, Denis Villeneuve’s film offers a faithful adaptation of Frank Herbert’s novel (actually, only the first part). An epic classic odyssey that leaves you wanting more. Villeneuve’s version is much better understood than David Lynch’s, with a clear and moving narrative of this kind of Game of Thrones, With dynasties fighting for power, on a desert planet.

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    9 – No Time to Die (October 1)

    the premiere of no time to die

    No time to die

    I’m looking forward to finally seeing Daniel Craig farewell as James Bond, two years late. Far is Danny Boyle’s resignation to direct (Cary Joji Fukunaga replaced him), the problems in the filming due to Craig’s injury … The big question is if they are going to dare to kill Bond – it is rumored that Boyle was fired because he got caught up in that idea – or if the end of the film will give the definitive clue as to who the new 007 will be. In between, it’s time to enjoy a great espionage plot in which a retired Bond returns to action to rescue a scientist kidnapped, with Ana de Armas as CIA agent and Lashana Lynch as Bond’s natural replacement in MI6.

    8 – Final duel (October 15)

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    Ridley Scott directs this historic battle between two royal knights of the 14th century, Jean de Carrouges and Jacques Le Gris, played by Matt Damon (who signs the script with Ben Affleck) and Adam Driver. Two men confronted in a Bustamante plan, for the love of a woman (Jodie Cormer, the Killing Eve), in a medieval superproduction that recovers the spirit of Gladiator. All with an incisive look at how the codes of honor, justice and revenge are at the base of a patriarchal system that continues to this day.

    7 – Venom: There Will Be Carnage (October 15)

    venom premiere there will be carnage

    Venom: there will be carnage

    Criticism was primed with the first installment of Venom But the box office compensated this antihero from the Spider-Man universe: the public was amused by the combination of violence and joke of Tom Hardy’s character. In this second part, he returns twice: the alien bug also gets into Woody Harrelson’s body, which gives rise to the villain Matanza, and also ensures double fun. Eddie Brock will have to face this danger to the world while trying to win back the love of Anne (Michelle Williams).

    6 – Halloween Kills (November 15)

    the premiere of halloween kills

    Halloween Kills

    Michael Myers is still with us. You know it and also Jamie Lee Curtis, who repeats in this sequel to the resurrection of the Halloween saga in 2018. He picks up the action right where that one ended: the protagonist thought she had managed to burn the murderer with the help of her daughter and granddaughter , but the owner of the most iconic mask in horror films manages to escape and, of course, continues with his massacre. This time, the entire town will join forces to end him once and for all.

    5 – The Eternals (November 5)

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    Do you think there was going to be a Marvel super premiere at the end of the year. Now it is the turn of The Eternals, some very powerful heroes who have waited on Earth for thousands of years to protect us from The Deviants, beings that have come out of their lethargy after the return to the planet of half humanity that Thanos charged. . It is an origins film: half of the plot consists of the reunion of this kind of X-Men; the other half, in the fight. You can’t wait to see the MUC debut of Angelina Jolie, Kit Harington, Richard Madden, Salma Hayek …

    4 – Ghostbusters: Beyond (December 3)

    the premiere of ghostbusters beyond

    Ghostbusters: Beyond

    After the rather unsuccessful attempt to Ghostbusters, comes a new opportunity to resurrect the classic eighties. Now in a youthful key to Stranger Things, that the protagonist is Finn Wolfhard (Mike in the Netflix series). It’s actually a direct sequel to Ghostbusters 2, which is not as bad as you remember it. Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd are in the cast, so there will be nostalgia as well as rejuvenation.

    3 – The Matrix Resurrections (17 de diciembre)

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    How to continue the Matrix saga after the huge mess of the initial trilogy? Lana Wachowski opts for a kind of sociological rescue: Neo (Keanu Reeves) leads a seemingly normal life but goes to therapy because memories of everything he lived through … Or not, who knows. Through an easy reference to Alice in Wonderland, re-enters that alternate world with Trinity (Carrie Ann-Moss) and a substitute for Morpheus, and ends up regaining his powers and fighting polymorphic agents with a clean flying kick. The trailer points to a universe less dark and philosophical than the original, in exchange for a certain sarcastic air that can come in handy because Matrix 3 she took herself so seriously it bordered on parody.

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    2 – Spider-Man: No Way Home (December 17)

    the premiere of spiderman no way home

    Spider-Man: No Way Home

    Will the three Spider-Man be there, Andrew Garfield’s, Tobey Maguire’s and Tom Holland’s? It seems that everything has remained a rumor and that the meme of the three spidermen pointing to each other will not come true, but that speculation shows how alive this superhero’s universe is, especially after the stimulating Far from home. What is clear is that in this new adventure there are Zendaya, Alfred Molina’s Doctor Octopus and Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin, which is enough. And also that Peter Parker retrieves the battle suit from AvengersSo there will be big action.

    1 – The King’s Man: The First Mission (December 22)

    the premiere of the king's man the first mission

    The King’s Man: The First Mission

    The prequel to the universe Kingsman look for something similar to X Men First generation, something like a trip to the past that also influences the tone of the film, closer to period drama than pure action cinema. Ralph Fiennes marks the step in a story about the origin of the secret service before the rise of a criminal group that wants to destroy the world.

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Release date of the 10 films that will resurrect the cinema