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Among the shaved ones, the color changes and quarantine rings, gray hairs were also installed. And many women have decided to keep them.

The Cannes Film Festival It was presented in July of this year as an official return to an apparent normalcy, with celebrities dressed up and parading without masks down the red carpet in a festive atmosphere that has not been felt since 2019.

Although most tried to look “like before,” some actresses, like Helen Mirren y Andie MacDowell, were inclined to accept the changes and, for example, proudly show off the gray hair that inevitably spread during the quarantine.

The cloud of dark gray curls from MacDowell it was the perfect companion for a blue beaded Prada dress with matching makeup. Mirren she joined her on the red carpet in a high bun that highlighted the gray-white hue of her hair, set against a vivacious mustard yellow Dolce & Gabbana dress. Jodie Foster, who sported flattering gray locks around her face, also proved a great way to grow gray hair.

Showing off gray hair is an absolutely valid option that allows us to get away from dyes and have much more natural and healthy hair. During this transition, it may be advisable to make a haircut so that the change looks much more natural, use masks that protect the hair from oxidation, preventing gray hair from looking yellow, and not let the pressure of others influence your decision ”, says Cristina Cárdenas, brand manager of Yanbal Personal Care.

It is also important to consider that, in some cases, gray hair is not just a condition of the elderly. From the age of 30, explains Cárdenas, hair begins to age, becoming thinner, more fragile and dehydrated. “This is why there are anti-aging lines on the market for hair that act against the main symptoms of hair aging, providing volume, strength, protection and hydration,” he says. “However, it is important not to wait for it to become an extreme case to start caring for it”.

For the premiere of ‘Annette’, Helen Mirren wore a mustard yellow dress from the Italian firm Dolce & Gabbana.

The label #SilverSisters On Instagram, which groups photos and videos of women who decided to accept and start showing off their gray hair, one of its mantras is “silver is just another color”.

In English, they prefer to use color silver (silver) to refer to gray hair instead of gray (Grey). Those who post images using that tag train each other through the uncomfortable process of growing their gray hair.. This type of mentoring is encouraging, for example, in the first few months, when someone starting this path, especially if they have been dyeing their hair black or another dark shade, has to endure the harsh contrast between their colored and natural hair. .

But this transition can also be iconic. Since before turning 40, Sarah Harris, associate editor of Vogue UK, she decided to gladly accept her gray hair, after finding her first streak of gray at 16 years old.

“I never intended to pioneer or advocate for something,” Harris said to The Guardian. “But when I was younger, I watched my mother dye her hair back to dark brown and be in the salon every six weeks keeping it that way due to the white regrowth. I never wanted to have to do that”.

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Retouching your gray hair is ‘out’: this is how you can show it off | Fashion | Magazine