Review cine: Terapia de amor (Hooking Up, 2020)

Terapia de amor (Hooking Up, 2020)


Darla (Brittany Snow, from the ‘Pitch Perfect’ trilogy), is a journalist, who has a successful column in a women’s magazine, where she inspires millions of women to awaken their sexual life, but is having problems with that sexual life, so he is in group therapy to overcome that addiction.

Bailey (Sam Richardson, from the HBO series ‘Veep’), works in a gym, although he has talent and creativity with drawing, which he must do in secret, since his strict parents would disinherit him, and he is in group therapy to cope with testicular cancer that is about to be operated on for the second time.

With a few more drinks, Bailey mistakenly enters the sex addiction therapy that Darla is in, she is interested (as a story for her columns and for her boss to hire her again) what the boy is experiencing, So after a conversation, they decide to start a road trip, in which Darla and Bailey will recreate all the sexual adventures that the columnist had, to overcome her addiction, while Bailey will try to relax from the process she is going through.

Comedy and drama directed and written (with Lauren Schacher) by Nico Raineau, in his feature film directorial debut. Good.

Text-Transcription: @pato_sesnich

Darla (Brittany Snow): You’ll be fine.

Bailey (Sam Richardson): You do not know. I will never be able to start a family. And if it did, it would only stop me with a shot of testosterone. It’s over for me.

Darla: God. Don’t you think you’re being a bit dramatic?

Bailey: Listen, let’s say I get a second surgery date. What will happen when they see my fake testicles? Who will want that?

Darla: First, the balls stay inside until asked out.

Bailey: You’re right about that.

Darla: Second, girls don’t care about testicles. Also, that is double standards. When did a boy reject a girl with fake breasts? Never. It literally never happened.

Bailey: I guess you know. “Breast cancer.”

Darla: Yes. Yes, no thanks to you. Maybe you should do the same. Upgrading them. Old grapefruits hanging on the branch. It could be your inclusion to the porn stardom. What is your porn name?

Bailey: What?

Darla: Your pornstar name. The name of your first pet and the street where you grew up. It’s good, what is it?

Bailey: It’s …

Darla: What is it?

Bailey: It’s Colita Saco de Beans.

Darla: Sack of Beans?

Bailey: We are on Saco de Bean Street.

Darla: Was I in Bean Sack?

Bailey: Colita was my dog, rest in peace.

Darla: My God. I saw you drawing pictures, but I didn’t know I was fucking Picasso.

Bailey: I’m more in the style of Shepard Fairey, or Robin Velghe.

Darla: Then you are very serious. Did you study art?

Bailey: Yeah sure! My father would have disowned me. If he hadn’t followed Liz to Atlanta, he would surely be running one of her gyms.

Darla: And in return you are a slave in someone else’s gym. Brilliant.

Bailey: Yes. But what else am I going to do? Do you feel better? This therapy thing, is it helping you?

Darla: Yes. Yes, it helps. Thanks for asking. You wanted sex. We have done a lot of that.

Bailey: Be careful what you ask for.

Darla: Maybe on your list there is a place for one of these pictures. Perhaps after surgery, you can use a whole toilet paper roll.

Duration: 1 HR 44 MINUTES

Available for rent or purchase on: Apple TV


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Review cine: Terapia de amor (Hooking Up, 2020)