“Lobo detached from a bite”, 4 months at the Oderzo pylon. The club: “Appeal”

Riccardo Fabris was convicted of very serious injuries: for the court of Pordenone he wounded Marco Chesani of Livenza in a match in 2018. Barattin, president of the condemned man: “You apologize only when something has been done”

The story was told by Paolo Ricci Bitti, who followed it over the years for Il Messaggero. A point was made on the matter on Wednesday, but it does not seem definitive. Riccardo Amadeus Fabris, 27 years old, then as now the left pylon of the Oderzo, was sentenced for very serious injuries against Marco Chesani, right pylon of the Pedemontana Livenza di Polcenigo. The court of Pordenone upheld the accusation that Fabris had bitten Chesani in the right ear during a scrum in the C-2 championship match played on December 16, 2018. Four months of imprisonment, with suspension of the sentence, sanctioned by gup Giorgio Cozzarini after the defense of Fabris had requested the abbreviated procedure, thus enjoying the discount of one third of the sentence.

Excuses not arrived

A painful story, first of all because there is a boy who in a rugby field had his earlobe detached, who was operated on twice and who has a disability, albeit limited – 5% – because the doctors were unable to mend the ear. And then because we ended up in a courtroom. The memory goes back to the Paoletti-Tomacelli case of 45 years ago – it took place on November 20, 1967 -, during Reggio Calabria-Brescia (Serie A), with the first line of the Caronte Claudio Tomacelli who left the field without the pavilion of the left ear and the hooker of the Wuehrer, Paolo Paoletti, who spent 37 days in prison in a matter not yet fully clarified. Then the case shook public opinion and went to reinforce the prejudices towards a sport considered violent, but the two protagonists even ended up becoming friends. In this case, however, the affair has deeply divided the two athletes and the two clubs, with the offended party asking for an admission of guilt and an apology from the offending party, which however never arrived.

The defence

Yesterday Andrea Barattin, former blue and president of Oderzo, wanted to expose the position of the company on the matter, after having maintained a strict silence in the three years since the accident. “So far we have been silent out of respect for the ongoing proceedings. We have always expressed our regret for the fact that Chesani was injured and after that episode I contacted the president of the Livenza to have it clarified. An apology, however, is made when you are convinced that you have done something and we are convinced that Fabio did not bite their pylon. I was 15 meters away, I saw that scrum well, anyone who has played rugby and sees the images understands that there could not have been a bite in the engagement. Indeed, the report we presented, made by Professor Franco Bassetto of Padua, showed that the wound was not compatible with a bite. No blood marks had been found on the shirts of our melee men, I took them to wash. This is only the first degree of judgment, there are three. We await the reasons and maintain maximum confidence in justice. I have known Fabris for a lifetime, he has played with us since he was a child, in 15 years he has never been expelled. If he had done something like that, I would have kicked him out of the club right away. ”

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“Lobo detached from a bite”, 4 months at the Oderzo pylon. The club: “Appeal”