Ryan Murphy, fan de Meryl Streep

He has recently turned 55 and as the undisputed king of television Ryan Murphy has been able to give himself countless tastes, both material and artistic, but not even the mansions in New York and Los Angeles in which she divides her time with her husband, the photographer David Miller, and his three children conceived by surrogacy nor the massive $ 250 million contract with which he negotiated his timely move from Fox to Netflix live up to what he has achieved with The prom , the musical that premiered around the world in December with a luxurious cast.

Few know that when he was a teenager and spent his days in his native Indianapolis hiding his homosexuality from his father, Murphy dedicated hours to his work as president of the fan club of Meryl Streep, an actress whom he idolized, in his institute: imagined that one day he would direct her, much less that he would be her friend, “he recently commented during the promotion of the film. “It was a very small club, but it was dedicated to Streep. And if one of his films was shown on Friday, we would all go to the movies. I was 16 when it was released Sophie’s decision and I went three weeks in a row. And then with my small group of friends we would go to a bar to talk about her. “

“I would never have imagined that one day he would direct it, much less that he would be his friend,” he says.

Streep represented a standard of excellence for him: “I loved that he could transform into different women, that he always took risks with his performances. Looking back, I wanted to be like her, to be able to transform myself, become someone different, and leave Indiana to do something with my life. I wanted to get into show business, but I didn’t know how. I had big dreams and she was part of them ”.

Musical. James Corden, Nicole Kidman, Meryl Streep and Keegan-Michael Key, in a scene from The prom

When Ryan saw the musical on Broadway, he thought about taking it to the movies, and envisioned Streep as its lead. He called her on the phone and asked her to come to the theater to see her. Three days later, the actress contacted him to tell him that he had seen her and that he could count on her: “I was speechless with emotion,” he confesses now and adds: “Beyond all my achievements, I felt that if I did not work with Meryl I was going to feel like a failure. She had never had something that was appropriate for her before. But when I saw the play on Broadway I knew this was my chance. Luckily, I knew her, had agreed to a couple of dinners with her, although I had never told her about my devotion. According to the producer and director, his fascination is such that during filming there were several occasions when a scene came out perfect in the first take, and he made it repeat just to see how it worked: “I was so amazed. Until at a certain point she told me no more, that her back hurt. I had to apologize to him and realized that he expected me to direct it. Our relationship on set changed from that day on. He was absolutely professional. But he is the only star that has made me forget my place on a set, and in front of whom I am simply a fan. “

Murphy did not save money when it came to bringing the Broadway musical to the screen, and when New York authorities denied him permission to close several streets to film a choreography with Streep, James Corden and Nicole Kidman, he invested part of the Netflix budget. to reproduce those same streets in a vast vacant lot on the outskirts: “It is in those moments that I realize the power that I have,” admits Ryan still in disbelief: “I saw the play on Broadway in January 2019, I called Meryl two days after. When she told me she was going to participate, I asked Nicole and James to see her and they also joined. And after two days Netflix approved the project. Achieving so many things in such a short time is a reflection of power but it is also a dream. And although it is true that today I can do everything I can think of thanks to the platforms, I try to do things that transform the world and change people’s perceptions ”, says who could not go to the high school graduation party with his boyfriend then, and had to attend with a partner to meet the social demands of those times.

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Ryan Murphy, fan de Meryl Streep