Samuel L. Jackson chooses his favorite films of his entire career and there are surprises

Samuel L. Jackson has one of the longest and most complete film careers of our time. The interpreter has been working for more than 40 years in the, and his filmography has more than 150 movies. Choose what your preferred between such a catalog must be quite complicated. The actor, who has participated in independent films, major blockbusters and sagas like those of Marvel Studios, has been one of the fetish actors of Quentin Tarantino and it has been the totem of highly reputed filmmakers. So when the presenter Stephen Colbert it has done choose your five favorite movies In his entire career, he has been in a bind. But he has answered, and believe us, there are surprises.

Samuel L. Jackson’s five favorite movies of his entire career

In the aforementioned interview with Colbert, which he echoes Cinemana, the veteran actor has been sincere and has revealed five titles and, to everyone’s surprise, there is only one of Tarantino. Those chosen by Samuel L. Jackson reflect his passion for his jobs in the nineties, a time in which they chain many participations with highly reputed directors and in which success persecutes them with enough assiduity. Jackson has chosen Lethal memory (1996) de Renny Harlin, Time to kill (1996) by Joel Schumacher, Jackie Brown (1997) by Tarantino, The red violin (1998) by Franois Girard y 187, more dangerous minds (1997) de Kevin Reynolds.

It is a curious selection, with much personality, and that he avoids films that all come to mind, and that he chooses with great intelligence one of Tarantino’s most successful works. But is Jackson a vain actor? Do you enjoy watching your own movies over and over again? “Some actors lie to you about it. They watch their movies. It’s the ‘look at me’ business … If I’m browsing channels and I can’t find anything I want to watch, or I’m not looking for something specifically and I see something I go out, stop and watch“, argued the actor to Colbert. However, and although his favorite films are the ones he has cited in the talk show It should be noted that he does have a favorite character over all those he has incarnated and played throughout his filmography. In a 2019 interview for the magazine Esquire, Samuel L. Jackson noted that Stephen, his character for Django Unchained, is his most beloved role.

“If I keep one character, I’ll keep fucking Stephen. That guy organized the plantation.”

We talk about a slave and servant who controls the staff in the landlord’s mansion played by Leonardo DiCaprio, a character capable of stealing the viewer’s attention every time he appears on the screen. “I love fucking Stephen. That guy was organizing his own plantation. Candyland was his bloody plantation. Leo is out there fighting blacks and doing whatever it takes, at the strip club. This guy is carrying the bills. Stephen makes sure the harvest is planted. He makes sure the slaves are sold. l sends. He has no children, he has no time. But Leo was like his son. And Candyland is his world, “he concludes.


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Samuel L. Jackson chooses his favorite films of his entire career and there are surprises