Scott Eastwood’s love tricks

Scott Eastwood he has set out to follow in his father’s wake (Clint) as a leading man par excellence and it seems that he is achieving it. In addition to making a niche for himself in the world of who, the actor and model does not mince words when it comes to expressing their sexual tastes.

“Everybody should have sex, with themselves or with someone else “, he assures in ‘Live Life Better’. interpreter, who has participated in ‘Suicide Squad’, ‘Fast and Furious 8’ or ‘Pacific Rim’, has also recognized that he is a good lover and that he has sex as regularly as possible.

Any time is a good time to have sex, but this time you get much more out of it

A. López

“I’m single… and I date a lot. And a lot of sex, yes. Sex is healthy. There is no need to be ashamed. It is important to have a healthy sex life and understand that it is okay to talk about these topics. Above all, be able to you should never be ashamed about your sex life“He says in the publication. In addition, he believes that the key to achieving better performance in intimacy is based on open communication with your partners, whether they are stable or one-night stands.


Imagine that you sleep with someone one night and they give you a questionnaire to see how the evening went? It’s what Scott does and it seems to work well for him. “I think that as a general rule I receive a very good score, I like to please. And I always ask and I do a survey later “, recognized the sexologist Emily Morse.

I am a good lover and I have all the sexual relationships that I can

In love is advised by his father: “When he was 16 he mediated so that he had a relationship with an older girl. He wanted me to go out with her and he succeeded. He was very happy. In addition, he assured that he would be guided to find a partner: “Of course. I would trust him without a doubt“, he added.

Tragic experience

Although the actor now assures that he has many appointments, he has not always lived the same situation. Years ago one of his girlfriends died in a tragic car accident that left him marked forever, something that left him very touched. “The most screwed up is that it was a small hit and the airbags popped. But one of them swelled up and launched a projectile towards his body that broke his spine and… I’ve never told anyone about this. I have lost friends before, very good friends. But he had never lost anyone with whom he had had that degree of intimacy. Maybe that’s what makes dating so difficult for me, “the Californian confessed to GQ Australia magazine in 2016.

Scott Eastwood, Davidoff’s new face

“It’s easy to fall in love when you’re young, right? And then you start to realize that all those feelings, love, passion and lust, sometimes come very quickly and disappear at the same rate too. When you find the one, he would be willing to leave everything for her. I think it would be the ultimate sacrifice, but if I couldn’t conceive of my life without love, of course I would. But it would have to be the right one, “he added.

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Scott Eastwood’s love tricks