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The third season of “Sex Education”, The biggest surprise for the fans of the series was the romance that Otis y Ruby kept secret. After all, Mimi Keene’s character is the most popular in Moordale, while Otis isn’t exactly among the school’s most followed students.

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While the second installment addresses Ruby’s self-esteem issues, the third further explores her private life. From Otis’s eyes, “Sex Education”Reveals that the young woman watches over her sick father and that he is actually a very loving and protective person.

Ruby even falls in love with the character of Asa Butterfield, but he does not correspond to her as she wishes, despite their high school courtship becoming public. What’s more, when Maeve (Emma Mackey) returns to Otis’s life, their fleeting but intense relationship ends at once.

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Asa Butterfield (Otis) and Mimi Keene (Ruby) in a scene from the third season of “Sex Education” (Photo: Netlix)


Not only fans of “Sex Education“They were left wanting to see more scenes of Otis and Ruby as lovers, but also the actress Mimi Keene, for whom a long-term relationship between these two characters seemed likely. After all, Ruby is in love to the bone with Otis. Also, the chemistry between the two is undeniable. Is this closeness because they are more than friends in real life?

Unfortunately, there is no post, photo, or sign to prove that they have a relationship beyond fiction. Mimi Keene and Asa Butterfield they are just friends.

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They are single

Everything seems to indicate that the actors are not dating anyone at the moment, or at least officially. In the social networks of both there is no indication that they maintain a sentimental relationship, nor have they been seen with a couple in public. Previously, Asa had an affair with Ella Purnell, his co-star in the 2016 film “Miss Peregrine and Peculiar Children”, but they separated several years ago.

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Sex Education“It was renewed for a fourth season, according to the same Netflix with a video on their social networks, although at the moment, it has not given a date of its premiere. Of course, it is most likely that the new episodes will arrive in the second half of 2022. Although everything will depend on the start of filming.

A little more than three months before the end of 2021, the production could begin recording in the first months of next year and continue with the post-production process until mid-2022, and finally, launch the new chapters at the end of the following year.

On the other hand, in the aforementioned interview, the protagonist of “Sex Education“He also spoke about the possibility of doing a spin-off,” it would be nice, but it has to be well thought out and really unique and not just because of doing a spin-off. “


At the end of the third season of “Sex Education“Maeve has to travel for studies, but before she leaves she says goodbye to Otis. Meanwhile, Eric, who kissed another boy in Nigeria, ends his relationship with Adam. Like Eric, Aimee decides to leave her boyfriend to go back to being herself and get over her ordeal.

After the Moordale students sabotaged Hope’s event, the school might disappear. Also, Jean receives the DNA test that Jakob requested and from his reaction it is not good news.

What will happen to the school? Will the protagonists have to find another study center? Will Otis and Maeve finally be together? Will Isaac give up? Will Eric regret his decision? What does the rapprochement between Adam and Eric’s ex mean? Will Ruby start dating someone else? What will happen to Jackson and Cal? Is Jakob the father of Jean’s son? How will they deal with it?


We started by saying that fourth season of “Sex Education” It should be the last installment. The reason for this premise is that for many of the followers of the series; is that if you do not have the ability to make new and convincing stories, it should stay as it is.

A detail that makes the serie it’s your level of depth that you have to tackle typical high school topics, this brings you that much closer to your audience. The Netflix production puts Moordale at the center of teenage adventures, who have their first times and also many awkward encounters. One more season entails a risk of lengthening the script, which has been very well cared for up to now.

A new delivery it would have to do with the characters’ lives beyond high school. Although, this approach would be totally valid, since it is a different environment, which implies that their priorities and relationships change even if they do not want to.


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Sex Education, Otis and Ruby: Asa Butterfield and Mimi Keene, are they dating in real life? | FAME