Simon Pegg’s Top 10 Roles

There are many comedians, but we have a special predilection for some, because we have seen them on the big screen for decades and they never disappoint. That is the case of Simon Pegg: a brilliant British comedian we’ve seen grow up professionally, and continues to provide us with great roles.

Simon Pegg’s Best Roles

1 Nicholas Angel in ‘Fatal Weapon’

Those of us who love action tapes from the 80s and 90s and are also crazy about the slasher, welcomed the premiere of ‘Fatal Weapon’ in 2007 with open arms. Pegg put himself in the shoes of Nicholas Angel: an off-road policeman who, since he is leaving his colleagues in a bad place for his good work, is sent to a remote town where everything seems very quiet. However, a series of brutal murders will make Angel try to stop the culprit at all costs. An explosive mix of genres, uncensored and with a lot of black humor. Impossible not to love her.

2 Shaun en ‘Zombies Party’
Shaun en 'Zombies Party'

Few Simon Pegg fans will be unaware of this hilarious film. ‘Zombies Party’ started the “Cornetto Trilogy”, and for this we have a special affection for it. The actor gave life to the protagonist, Shaun: A man who has his life turned upside down, and who only cares about being fun with his best friend. But, when he decides to change, it turns out that an invasion of the undead wants to ruin his day. Blood and laughter in one of those movies that never disappoint if what we are looking for is good entertainment.

3 Gary King in ‘Welcome to the End of the World’
Gary King in 'Welcome to the End of the World'

‘Welcome to the end of the world’ was a fun finishing touch for the “Cornetto Trilogy”. In it, a madman in his forties played by Simon Pegg decides to reunite his old high school gang to finish what they couldn’t then: a tour of all the local pubs having a pint at each of them. But the joy will last him soon, since the apocalypse is closer than they think, and his gang must try to save the world. Edgar Wright and his cast wanted to touch on various genres throughout the trilogy, and they ended up with a truly entertaining sci-fi comedy.. Highly recommended.

4 Graeme Willy and ‘Paul’
Graeme Willy and 'Paul'

Although we love it, it is clear that not everything is the “Cornetto Trilogy”, and it is obvious that Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have plenty of talent to do quality things that have nothing to do with those three films. In 2011, they wrote and starred in ‘Paul’: a funny movie in which two friends picked up an alien in their caravan whom they had to protect from the government at all costs. The plot does not disappoint, and its development knowing who has written and starred less. Very entertaining.

5 Benji in ‘Mission Impossible’
Benji in 'Mission Impossible'

Does a comic actor have a place in a legendary action saga in which his star shines with his own light? Without a doubt, Simon Pegg has shown that this is the case. And it is that, since 2006 the interpreter has been in Benji’s shoes in ‘Mission: Impossible III’. But not only that, but he has been gaining prominence in sequel after sequel and is already part of the select official Tom Cruise team. The dream of almost any actor.

6 Scotty and ‘Star Trek’
Scotty and 'Star Trek'

It is always a complicated task to revive an existing character in the new installments of a franchise that has thousands and thousands of fans spread across the globe. But Simon Pegg did not shrink from the challenge, and in 2009 he signed for the new ‘Star Trek’ and, since then, he has not hesitated to participate in all the sequels to come. The brand new Scotty brought pizzazz and a lot of fun to his beloved role.

7 Sidney Young in ‘New York for Beginners’
Sidney Young in 'New York for Beginners'

It’s not really a well-known comedy, nor is it his best movie, but Seeing Simon Pegg unfold his charm in one of his first leading roles in America is something to watch out for. ‘New York for beginners’ introduces us to Sidney Young: a British journalist who moves to the city that gives the film its name to work in a magazine, but his peculiar humor and way of being will make it very difficult for him to adapt to the city . The best, without a doubt, the interpretations, and the fun that Simon Pegg always guarantees us.

8 Dennis in ‘Long Distance Runner’
Dennis in 'Long Distance Runner'

We know that Simon Pegg nails those roles of poor loser who everything goes wrong, but with a good heart deep down and desire to be a better person. We will find all this in ‘Long distance runner’. It is a comedy in which Pegg’s character tries to win back his ex (with whom he had a son he abandoned) by running in a marathon to teach him that he too can be responsible and committed. The synopsis is a bit more complicated than that, but what you have to be clear about is that Pegg gives us another of his funny and tender interpretations. In addition, the actor participated in the writing of the script and the direction we found the great David Schwimmer.

9 Neil in ‘Absolutely Everything’
Neil in 'Absolutely Everything'

In 2015, Simon Pegg was honored to take command of the late Terry Jones in a comedy. it had to be really fun to shoot. And it also had the voices of the Monty Phytons in the form of some extravagant aliens. They were the ones who gave the Pegg character the gift of achieving absolutely everything he set his mind to. When they saw the results, they would decide whether humans were worth it or, on the contrary, the Earth had to be destroyed. You don’t need to explain much more to realize that, if what we are looking for is entertainment, we should go to ‘Absolutely everything’.

10 Fernández in ‘The Adventures of Tintin’
Fernández in 'The Adventures of Tintin'

In 2011, Steven Spielberg dared to do something complicated: make the excellent and most famous adventures devised by Hergé in the form of live-action film to the cinema. Despite its title, ‘The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn’ mixed several of the Belgian reporter’s comics into one action-packed film. And what better to count for the role of the clueless Hernández and Fernández than with two top comedians? That’s how it is, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost lent their voices to the experiment, sharing once again their incredible comedic vis.

Simon Pegg

He began with small roles on television in his country, but it was only a matter of time before he was gaining prominence and getting to participate in various feature films. His coup de grace came from the hand of Edgar Wright and Nick Frost, with whom we were amazed in that particular “Cornetto Trilogy”.

But, although the fans keep those three hilarious tapes, the truth is that we must not forget that Simon Pegg is much more than that. His jump to the United States was not long in coming, signing for such popular franchises as ‘Mission Impossible’ or ‘Star Trek’. All a star that, without a doubt, has not yet reached the ceiling.


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Simon Pegg’s Top 10 Roles