‘Something Borrowed’ Star Colin Egglesfield Worried Filmmakers Because He Was a Tom Cruise Lookalike

Something Borrowed star Colin Egglesfield was the perfect match for the role of Dex with one oddly concerning quality – he looked a lot like actor Tom Cruise. And while looking like Cruise wouldn’t normally be a bad thing, director Luke Greenfield worried that the audience might wonder why Cruise was in a rom-com. Thankfully, it didn’t become an issue. But Egglesfield wasn’t a total lock for the role. He and Greenfield shared what happened during his audition that ensured he landed the part of Dex.

‘Something Borrowed’ Colin Egglesfield looked too much like Tom Cruise?

Greenfield recalled why he was a little concerned about casting Egglesfield. “He’s literally a Tom Cruise lookalike,” he told E! in 2021.