July 26, 2021

Chinese cosmonauts’ space walk. The first to board the new station

Cosmonauts Liu Boming and Tang Hongbo are the first Chinese citizens in 13 years to go out into the open space. Their space walk was shown on state television. The third participant of the mission, commander Nie Haisheng, stayed inside the Tianhe station module at that time. The harmony of the heavens), operating robotic equipment.

During their space walk, Chinese cosmonauts were operating in new, specially designed suits (the Feitian system). State television reported that the suits are designed so that, if necessary, cosmonauts can work in open space conditions for up to six hours.

As indicated in the official messages, the task of the personnel currently inhabiting the nucleus of the Chinese space station was to install a system of grips and supports enabling the attachment of a robotic device and the activity of cosmonauts outside the module. An external panoramic camera was also set up during the space walk.

The most recent Chinese cosmonaut walk lasted a total of 6 hours and 46 minutes. During the Shenzhou 12 mission, one more such exit into open space is to take place.

What’s more, before the end of 2021, another Chinese manned mission – Shenzhou13 is to be carried out. In turn, two more expeditions are expected next year. It is also planned to send two remaining station modules: Wentian and Mengtian. Currently – in addition to the Shenzhou ship – the Tianzhou 2 cargo ship is docked to the Tianhe module.

Chinese cosmonauts continue their three-month stay on board the third-so-far Chinese orbital station (the first multi-module). The molar segment was launched on April 29 this year. Shortly thereafter, the Tianzhou 2 automated vessel with food and supplies was dispatched. Liu, Nie and Tang were next on board (June 17) – inside the manned capsule of the Shenzhou 12 mission.

It was the first manned space flight of Chinese astronauts since 2016, and at the same time – the third of 11 previously planned missions to build a multi-module Tiangong station (transl. Heavenly Palace). According to the plan, its completion is to take place by the end of 2022.

Liu Boming participated in the Shenzhou 7 mission in 2008, during which Zhai Zhigang performed the first Chinese space walk in history (a trial lasting only 22 minutes). The current expedition commander, Nie Haisheng, is on his third space trip, while Tang Hongbo is on his first space trip. They are all pilots of the Chinese Air Force.

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