July 26, 2021

Automation Alley 4.0 Accelerator Invests in Andonix

The Safely Pass app, developed by Detroit based Andonix, is one product that will be advanced by Automation Alley’s Industry 4.0 Accelerator investment. // Courtesy of Andonix

Detroit-based Andonix, creators of the app Safely Pass, which provides businesses a way to efficiently monitor health and safety standards throughout its workflow, will be one of the newest investments by The Automation Alley 4.0 Accelerator.

In effort to help businesses across the nation, Andonix works to evolve workers in the digital field through improvements to efficiency, machine productivity, quality, and safety compliance.

“Andonix is poised for growth in a variety of manufacturing environments, and this should prove to be a tremendous investment both for Michigan and for Industry 4.0 advances,” says Tom Kelly, executive director at Automation Alley. “I’m very impressed by Andonix’s tech moxie in quickly shifting gears during the pandemic to create Safely Pass based on the knowledge it garnered from its original Industry 4.0 driven Smart Work Station platform. That ability to pivot is at the heart of an Industry 4.0 mindset.”

The Smart Work Station Platform was developed to prepare and train manufacturing employees, connecting them all to each other and to the company’s workflow. The product also addresses and solves other problems including industry turnover, operational insufficiencies, increased costs, and distanced train times.

Lead by Michigan’s Industry 4.0 Knowledge Center and partnered with Centrepolis Accelerator at Lawrence Technological University and Jackson-based Lean Rocket Lab, the Automation Alley 4.0 Accelerator operates on a global scale. It attracts domestic and international businesses because of the multi-pronged training, education and exposure offered.

Other than offering businesses financial and educational investments the accelerator also integrates the businesses into Michigan’s manufacturing and technological ecosystem to diversify the market.

Andonix will receive $110,000 in capital, programming, and contracted services through partnered companies. Rather than directly helping the invested companies itself, the Automation Alley 4.0 Accelerator operates in a tight-nit network of 20 cooperate partnerships that work to help the aided companies.

“We are eager to use these investment funds and services to increase development in Andonix products and ultimately make further improvements and efficiencies in the essential processes that lead to manufacturing success,” says David Yanez, Anodix’s CEO. “We are grateful to the Automation Alley Industry 4.0 Accelerator for the seed money to take our solutions to new markets, for the opportunity to work directly with so many of the Accelerator’s corporate partners and industry leaders, and to empower Michigan-based SMEs to up their competitive game.”