July 24, 2021

Blue Origin: Jeff Bezos announces giant reusable rocket

The space company of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos wants to build a huge rocket with “New Glenn”, in which important parts can be reused. This should significantly reduce space travel costs and also create serious competition for SpaceX. Elon Musk’s company has already re-landed parts of the rockets in several commercial launches, but only lost a rocket a few days ago. Bezos then seems to have his own plans from which the Washington Post cited to refer to when explaining that one has to go step by step to be successful.

After Blue Origin has so far only developed and tested a comparatively small rocket with New Shepard, “New Glenn” should be ready by 2020 and be almost as big as the Saturn V. It was once used to shoot the US astronauts to the moon. This would also make it larger than the Falcon Heavy that SpaceX is working on and which will one day be used for Mars missions. Much more than these size comparisons – based on a graphic which Jeff Bezos tweeted – and the rather vague schedule does not currently exist. In any case, “New Glenn” is supposed to be an important step towards colonizing space in the not too distant future.

In the race for private rocket companies, Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin has always been behind SpaceX. While Elon Musk’s company almost regularly brings satellites into space and tests the reusability of its Falcon 9 rockets, Blue Origin has so far only had the New Shepard. It barely reaches space and is supposed to transport six passengers as space tourists who experience weightlessness for a few minutes. Building on this, the aim is to revolutionize space travel with “New Glenn” – which is to be available in two differently sized versions. You work step by step to be successful, because “slow is smooth and smooth is fast,” as Bezos puts it.

The fourth launch of the New Shepard
(Bild: Blue Origin)


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