July 24, 2021

Blue Origin launches Jacklyn missile lander

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos introduces the Lunar Module. (Photo: dpa)

Jeff Bezos’ space company Blue Origin now also has a lander for reusable rocket engines. It is named after Bezos’ mother Jacklyn.

Blue Origins super rocket New Glenn is expected to make its first test flights in the coming year. Like SpaceX’s Falcon rockets, the New Glenn are built for multiple uses.

Jacklyn is the mobile landing platform for New Glenn

Blue Origin has put the first lander into operation so that the drive stages can return home safely after take-off. This represents the equivalent of SpaceX’s “Of Course I Still Love You” landing platform and will wait in the waters in front of the launch pad for the propulsion stages to return.

Jeff Bezos insisted on naming the lander after his mother Jacklyn. The ship couldn’t get a better name, said Bezos. Because his mother always made sure that there was the best place to return home.

It is difficult to tell whether Jacklyn Bezos had tears in her eyes when she smashed a bottle of champagne on the hull of the boat. Son Jeff posted a short video of the ship’s christening:

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Jacklyn is a converted freighter

The 183 meter long ship is more than twenty years old. Until its acquisition by Blue Origin in 2018, it was active as a roll-on cargo ship for Stena Lines. After extensive modifications, it is now to become the landing platform for the New Glenn missile program. We do not know whether Bezo’s analogy takes all these aspects into account.

The Jacklyn’s operational area is off the coast of Florida. Blue Origin plans to launch the New Glenn missiles from Cape Canaveral. They will then be programmed to automatically land on the Jacklyn.

SpaceX now has two floating landing platforms. The second ship has the also strange name “Just Read the Instructions”. Both names come from the science fiction novel series “Culture” by Iain M. Banks.

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