July 29, 2021

This is how much a trip into space is supposed to cost

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Blue Origin: This is how much a trip into space should cost

Feel the weightlessness once as a tourist in space: At Blue Origin by Amazon boss Jeff Bezos, a vacation in space should be possible as early as 2019 – and cost as much as a condominium.

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It’s still a dream – but several companies are working to make travel into space possible. At Blue Origin, the space company of Amazon boss Jeff Bezos, the plans for this new type of vacation are a little further ahead.

A multi-minute excursion into weightlessness is said to cost as much as a condominium there: Interested parties have to pay between 200,000 and 300,000 dollars for a flight. This was reported by several employees of the news agency “Reuters”. The tickets should therefore be available for purchase in the coming year.

Vacation in space: Every second of weightlessness costs more than 1,000 euros

The rocket with the name “New Shepard” is supposed to reach three times the speed of sound after two minutes and 24 seconds. The engine is then switched off and weightlessness prevails in the capsule.

The space tourists should be able to experience a total of six minutes without gravity. This means that every second costs more than 1,000 euros.

In total, the vacationers are shot up to 100 kilometers above the surface of the earth in the rocket. High enough to see the curvature of the earth below you – then it goes down again. Braked by parachutes, the capsule with the tourists is supposed to land safely in Texas in the USA.