July 24, 2021

SpaceX: Breathtaking footage of the SN-15 flight

What was originally only seen on SpaceX image images is increasingly becoming a reality.

FLarge explosions are usually a guarantee for impressive images. With the latest video from Elon Musk’s space company SpaceX, it’s the other way around. After a successful flight, the Starship prototype SN 15 touches down again without a fireball or a deafening bang. The rocket remains intact, demonstrating the company’s capabilities. Presumably, the published recordings should not only inspire space fans all over the world, but also send a signal to the US Court of Auditors. As a result of objections from the space companies Blue Origin and Dynetics, he is currently reviewing the contract between SpaceX and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). The currently dormant agreement deals with the collaboration for the “Artemis” lunar project. A spectacular job that the competition will not allow itself to be taken without a fight.

Another test flight planned

The new video seems like a drumming slap on the chest to prove SpaceX dominance in the market. But the company also boasts with the announcement of another test flight. According to an application to the relevant US regulatory authority, the company is planning the first orbital flight of a Starship. The flying object is supposed to take off in Texas and after almost an entire circumnavigation of the world water off Hawaii. Particularly spectacular: The prototype is expected to receive support from the Super Heavy Booster. This is a second stage of rocket propulsion, but it is only intended to provide additional thrust for the first three minutes. According to the documents, both rocket parts then separate from each other so that the Starship can embark on the approximately 90-minute flight. If successful, SpaceX could reach the next milestone on the long road to a Mars mission. A goal that Billionr and Tesla CEO Musk has been striving for since the company was founded.