A super Rodgers is not enough: Minnesota beats Green Bay. Kansas City is flying again

Another round full of surprises: Dallas, Tennessee and Buffalo fall. Arizona is confirmed as the best team in the League. On Monday Night Tampa Bay against the New York Giants

Arizona with confirmation, Kansas City with proof, Minnesota with pride proof. Three teams, these, impress on the eleventh Sunday NFL, the day will close with the juicy Monday Night Tampa Bay-New York Giants.


In Minnesota it ends with Viking horns echoing cheerfully. After too many insults the Vikings, better than the 5-5 which indicates the record, finally win a sprint. In the match, which does not betray the expectations of a historical rivalry, the difference is made when Joseph’s 29-yard football expires. Minny wins because she breaks through the green defense, which pays for the absences of Alexander, Gary and Mercilius and is swept away by Hurricane Jefferson, a phenomenal second year receiver. Even if the decisive grip, with the race in the balance, the brand is the veteran Thielen, treated of football in motion. For the Packers (8-3), who lose the first provisional seed in the NFC, Rodgers’ show is not enough, bruised to a big toe, yet exciting: he throws for 385 yards and 4 touchdowns, two for Adams, one for Deguara and the pearl from 80 yards for Valdes Scantling with 2 ‘to play. It is not enough. A good Cousins, pardoned by an interception by Savage which turned out to be incomplete, – it would have been the blow of the host defeat – has the last word.

The Chiefs (7-4) win for the fourth time in a row. They are not sparkling yet, but the worst seems to be behind them. The defense, above all, seems to have been rediscovered, as evidenced by the 5 sacks (3 and a half by Jones) and the two interceptions, designed by Ward and Sneed. Prescott screwed up the game, like against Denver. The Boys’ attack (7-3) returns from Missouri downsized and bruised: Lamb does not play the second half due to concussion, Cooper was out of action from the start, positive for Covid. Mahomes did not do who knows what, a fumble, an interception and no try, but the victory for Coach Reid still came smoothly, thanks to the tries on a race of Kelce and the recovered Edwards-Elaire.

Arizona (9-2) has the best record in the league. The Cardinals, 6-0 away, also win in Seattle, a complicated field. And they do it without Murray and Hopkins. McCoy plays a phenomenal game, doing even better than the quarterback he replaces: 328 yards of pitches and 2 tries, with no turnovers. Ertz turns out to be his favorite target: 88 yards of tricks and both designer touchdowns. Seattle (3-7) is a disaster. Wilson is unrecognizable, since his return after injury it has never been him, racing without Carson is a small thing, the defense concedes too much. The season already seems to be thrown away, to straighten it in a playoff perspective now requires a half miracle.

The very surprised. The Titans (8-3), Afc’s best record, were back from 6 consecutive victories, the Texans (2-8) from 8 consecutive defeats. Yet they do the business. The rain affects, the guys of Coach Vrabel pay duty all along with the many injured. Taylor scores a couple of tries on the run, Tannehill throws 4 interceptions. The guests just need a “clean” contest, then they unwrap the gifts.

Impressive success in Indianapolis in Buffalo: 45-16, with Taylor, the most productive running back of the season, scoring 5 tries, 4 running and one catch. Baltimore moves to Chicago 16-13 with reserve quarterback Huntley. The Bears lose the disastrous Fields due to an injury to the ribs, Dalton puts her back on her feet, but the defense commits suicide in the final until Freeman’s goal with 22 ”on the clock. Cleveland finds Chubb and folds 16-13 Detroit, Washington 27-21 ruins the first as Newton’s prodigal son for Carolina, in Charlotte. Philadelphia overflows 40-29 against New Orleans, San Francisco overcomes Jacksonville 30-10, Miami overcomes the New York Jets 24-17. Finally, Cincinnati rules 32-13 Las Vegas on the Burrow-Chase axis and on Sunday Night the Los Angeles Chargers have the best 41-37 on Pittsburgh: Williams decides the try with 2 ‘from the end.

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A super Rodgers is not enough: Minnesota beats Green Bay. Kansas City is flying again