Advance with surprise: Baltimore collapses with the Dolphins

On Thursday Night of the tenth day the Ravens lose in Miami. Newton returns to the Panthers, Beckham to the Rams

By dint of playing with fire, you end up getting burned. The Ravens demonstrate this on Thursday Night which opens the tenth day of the NFL, surprisingly losing 10-22 in Miami. After having straightened out with character and luck several “wrong” games with exciting comebacks in the sprint, Baltimore, always in the balance, this time crashes. Loses with the Dolphins, just to the third success of the season (3-7), dominated by the defense of Coach Flores. Who starts off, wrongly, with Brissett as owner, but, after an ailment and a lot of trouble, Taigovaloa inserts, albeit not at his best, who wins the game. But it is the 4 sacks and the interception to the bad Jackson, unmasked by running back that he throws once more, to make the difference. The defeat of the Ravens (6-3) shuffles the cards in the Afc North, a balanced and very tangled Division.

The match

Immediately the kick from 46 yards by Tucker who then misses from 48. Sanders equalized from 31 yards and led Miami from 22 for the 6-3 at half-time. The first half says that the defense of the Dolphins has quality and that Brissett cannot start in the NFL. It hurts at the beginning of the 2nd half, in the right knee: inside Tua. 9-3 Miami at the beginning of 4th quarter, a Watkins fumble turns into Howard’s goal who brings the oval back for 49 yards and 6 points: 15-3. A hand from Jackson to Andrews in the end zone is worth 15-10, but Tua hits Wilson for 64 yards and then scores the touchdown of the win with a sneak. The surprise is served.

Newton ai Panthers

Cam Newton goes back to where Superman was. The 32-year-old quarterback, fresh from the disappointing interlude with New England, released, has signed a contract until the end of the season with Carolina, a legend of the Panthers, with whom he played for 9 seasons, playing the Super Bowl 50. He will be paid 4.5 millions, possible bonuses up to 10. He replaces the injured Darnold, out of action from 4 to 6 weeks, and in any case disappointing. The Panthers selected Newton with the first choice in the 2011 Draft and then dumped him in 2019 when it became clear that the injuries had taken away Superman’s superpowers and exposed his technical limits and game readings, without the athletic omnipotence that made him the MVP of the 2015 season. Carolina is 4-5 in record, with hopes of winning the playoffs as a wild card. The mediocre Walker should play with Arizona on Sunday, then it is Newton’s turn.

Beckham ai Rams

Odell Beckham signs with Los Angeles until the end of the season for a guaranteed $ 1.25 million, which can become up to 4.25 with bonuses. The 29-year-old receiver, discharged from Cleveland, tries to revive the career of the ambitious Rams. Despite the disappointing first part of the season for Beckham there was a line of suitors, once he was released. The Rams got the better of Green Bay in particular, but there were also New Orleans, Seattle and Kansas City on his trail. Los Angeles had already strengthened with the trade with Denver for Von Miller, the seasoned, but always super quarterback hunter. The Rams, 6-2 record, go all in: Super Bowl or disappointment, there are no alternatives. Stafford will be able to add Beckham to the superb target list, which Kupp and Woods already boasts.

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Advance with surprise: Baltimore collapses with the Dolphins