Brady and Tampa defeated in New Orleans. Tennessee breaks Indianapolis

The Saints are confirmed as kryptonite for the Bucs, who had already beaten them twice last season. This time they win with the reserve, after Winston’s injury. The Titans go into overtime and put AFC South in their pockets. Resounding knockout of Cincinnati in the home of the Jets

The Bucs sink in Mississippi in New Orleans, defeated by the “usual” Saints who in the regular season have shown that they have the countermeasures for Tom Brady’s team. On Hallowen Sunday, the Titans also celebrate in Indianapolis. The Monday Night that will close the eighth day of the NFL is Kansas City-New York Giants.

New Orleans-Tampa Bay 36-27

Resounding defeat of the reigning champions with the Saints (5-2) who had already beaten them twice last season. Losing against the opponent’s third quarterback, Trevor Siemian, who hadn’t launched a try since 2017. Yet enough and advances to dissect the Bucs defense (6-2) after the former Jameis Winston is forced to exit at the beginning of the 2nd quarter, on 7-7 injured in his left knee after a tackle by White. The Saints score 23 consecutive points for the 23-7, then Brady, 4 throws in touchdown, 375 ground yards, but also 2 interceptions, in the end, try the comeback. The throw from 50 yards and 6 points for Carneade Grayson, on his second career shot, is worth overtaking at 27-26. But the Bucs defense hurts itself, racking up every kind of penalty imaginable. There will be 11 for 104 yards at the end of the race. And then the Saints kicker, Johnson, with 1’41 “to play hits the posts for 29-27. Then Williams intercepts with pick 6 Brady, who again lost Gronkowski (back). New Orleans is back in the NFC South, Tampa on the road is confirmed as a disaster, with a secondary trick more than a treat, every Sunday: always a party for the opponents. The return of the injured cornerbacks serves like bread.

indianapolis-tennessee 31-34 dts

The Titans (6-2) mortgaged AFC South by going to extra in Indy. They recover from 0-14, they rejoice thanks to Bullock’s 45-foot kick. They win despite Henry being neutralized, limited to a 68-yard run. The difference is made by AJ Brown, who receives for 155 yards, and a couple of interceptions to Wentz: of Molden (pick 6) and Byard who redeems himself in overtime after an absurd penalty that had allowed the Colts, with the goal of Taylor, to extend the game at the last minute. For the quarterback of Indy (3-5) also 3 tries. Yet now the goal is reduced to the wild card, to try to grab the playoffs by the tail.

the other matches

San Francisco wins in Chicago 33-22, Garoppolo runs twice in the goal. Buffalo struggles harder than expected, but eventually folds Miami 26-11. Carolina returns to success in Atlanta 19-13, thanks to the interception of reinforcement Gilmore, arrived from the Patriots. The Falcons’ best catcher, Calvin Ridley, takes a break from football due to mental health problems. Old school game in Cleveland: defenses and blows. Pittsburgh wins 15-10 thanks to Landry’s messes, despite finding himself without kicker: Boswell gets hurt during a fake field goal, however not even successful. The New York Jets surprise Cincinnati 34-31 scoring 17 points in the 4th quarter, Philadelphia has fun in Detroit dominating 44-6: half of the poisoned ex Slay on fumble return. The Los Angeles Rams go crazy in Houston, outclassed 38-22, New England beats the other Los Angeles, the Chargers, 27-24: Phillips’ pick 6 is the difference. First win for Geno Smith as Wilson’s replacement: Seattle shatters Jacksonville 31-7. Denver’s defense allows the Broncos to tame Washington 17-10. In Sunday Night Dallas, even without Prescott, wins in Minnesota 20-16 thanks to the goal launched by Rush for Cooper with 51 ”from the end: Vikings mocked at home, wasting a unique opportunity.

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Brady and Tampa defeated in New Orleans. Tennessee breaks Indianapolis