Brady and the Buccaneers straighten the vessel. Quietly the Patriots are back …

Tampa dominates (30-10) the Monday Night with the Giants. In a season without bosses, New England with the 5 consecutive victories comes back to high levels. But guessing who will go to the Super Bowl this year is a real lottery game

Massimo Oriani


After what happened on Sunday, it was reasonable to expect the Giants to win in Tampa on Monday Night. Instead the Buccaneers straightened the vessel after the knockouts with Saints and Redskins. The final, 30-10, leaves no room for doubt. New York has paid once again the inconstancy of Daniel Jones, who has moments from Danny Dimes and others from Jameis Winston version Tampa, that of the 30 interceptions.

stop the nfl, I want to get off

The wait continues. After 11 days we are still unable to understand which are the candidates for the Super Bowl. Right now there are at least a dozen teams with legitimate ambitions to arrive at the SoFi Stadium next February. The leveling down is noticeable. If Buffalo loses at home to the Colts, on the contrary, it is dismantled by Indy. If the Titans, even without Derrick Henry and Julio Jones (it was to be expected, now there are more races he skips than those he plays), are overwhelmed at home by Houston. Even if Green Bay loses in Minneapolis (ok, it can be). Self. Too many ifs. The master’s voice is missing. Brady’s Pats are missing. Uncertainty can also please, mediocrity less.

watch out for pats

Speaking of which… They are first in Afc East. They started 2-4, they won 5 games in a row. Against non-stellar opponents, true. But we have just listed the alleged favorites and against whom they have lost… You do. And now even what were supposed to be the real tests, with Titans and Bills the next two, can they still be considered as such? An unsolvable puzzle. The certainty is that – shut up – Bill Belichick is shaping New England in his image and likeness. The road is long. But the encouraging signs. Indeed more.

the ravens are there

In the midst of yet another Sunday frenzy, at least the Ravens have vanquished it. Without Lamar Jackson and Hollywood Brown. Bravo Tyler Huntley at keeping them alive with that last launch. The Bears, however, remain the Bears … Meanwhile they remain at the top of a division that with Pittsburgh on the ropes (despite the desperate attempt by the Chargers to give him the game) and the Browns now officially in the category “what the hell did we think of in the preseason to put them among the favorites) and the poor Lions is certainly not Everest to climb.

what if the chiefs were back?

Are back? Suspended verdict. But they win. And the defense seems straightened. Okay, Dallas didn’t have Amari Cooper and lost Cee Dee Lamb almost immediately, but they didn’t show it to him in the meantime. The attack did not enchant. Two other turnover for Pat Mahomes, still far from being that of the past seasons. But in the absolute mediocrity they certainly cannot be excluded from the struggle for the top at this point. The Cowboys for their part will not even have time to recover as they will play on Thursday.

the song of the cardinals

Quiet quiet they continue to win. Even without Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins. Solid, complete team. But is there anyone who thinks he can lead the way in the playoffs? We doubt. Staying in the NFC West, the dominant victory of the Niners was a little surprised. Not that we expected the Jags to win (well, these days it’s all to be honest …), but if we think about the ups and downs of San Francisco, the fact that they played Monday Night and overwhelmed the Rams, that they had had to travel across the US and playing at what for their body was 11 in the morning, so here is the domain for 60 ‘in Jacksonville a hair surprise. Seattle, on the other hand, is at the end of the line: he has lost 5 of the last 6, Pete Carroll seems to have lost faith in his own. Russell Wilson will play elsewhere next year, now it seems set in stone.

players of the week

In attack hands down Jonathan Taylor of Indy, 5 td, 4 on the run, in the huge success in Buffalo. Austin Ekeler stopped at 4 in the Chargers win over Pittsburgh. Amateur… In defense Kyle Van Noy of the Pats on Thursday Night in which the Pats led to 7 quarters without conceding points to the opponents.

the super bowl of the week

You know the wheel of fortune? We shoot it every week and a different team comes out. One would say Jets-Lions … Or Patriots-Bucs that would stop the world. We would like to stay with Green Bay in the NFC, even if Aaron Rodgers’ big toe injury is worrying. But after Monday Night we go back to the Bucs vessel. In Afc it is really like hitting a lottery. It was clear that Tennessee was paying for Henry’s absence sooner or later. And then how do you take seriously a team that has lost to Jets and Texans? Let’s say Baltimore right because he won away without the starting point. But we are really “guessing game”. Never like this year is everything worth it. And the opposite of everything.

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Brady and the Buccaneers straighten the vessel. Quietly the Patriots are back …