Washington State’s coach no vax fired, a refusal of 11 million euros

Nick Rolovich did not want to get vaccinated and being a state employee, the university was able to expel him for just cause without severance pay after the diktat imposed by the governor

Fired in the trunk. Without the possibility of appeal. Nick Rolovich, coach of the Washington State University football team, saw the contract that tied him to the Cougars until 2025 terminated for just cause after repeatedly refusing to be vaccinated. His case had been examined by a mini committee made up of only two people, which voted “blindly”, ie without knowing who the person in question was but based exclusively on facts and documents provided. Although Rolovich had received the exemption on the basis of his religious beliefs, the last word then fell to the director of the athletic department of the university, Pat Chun, who, in agreement with the rector, decided to fire the technician, held account of the very high number of people with whom he would come daily in his role. Rolovich left on the plate a salary of 3 million dollars a year, which multiplied by 5 (it would have expired in 2025) equals 12,880,000 euros at the current exchange rate, from which, however, the part relating to this start of the season must be subtracted ( the Cougars have already played 7 games, 4 won and 3 lost). It is therefore reasonable to estimate the deadweight loss for the technician at around 11 million euros.


In addition to Rolovich, 4 of his assistants were also fired, all no vax. Instead, players are allowed to remain in the team even if not vaccinated, as they are not state employees. On October 18, by decision of the governor, Democrat Jay Inslee, in Washington State it became mandatory to be vaccinated if you work for state agencies. The coach limited himself to saying that it is not his habit to “be forced to do things just because someone tells me”. It is very likely that Rolovich is now taking legal action to challenge the decision of Pullman’s university.

The quarterback of the team, Jayden de Laura, expressed his disappointment via social media: “Words are not enough to express the sadness and disappointment for the dismissal of coach Rolovich. It was an honor for him to play. I totally disagree with the decision taken, but first of all come the Cougars, so I invite everyone to continue to support us ”.

Other sports

The NFL does not impose the vaccine on players and technicians, but – unlike what happened last season – it does not foresee the postponement of matches due to Covid, but the 2-0 defeat for those who are unable to take the field due to an outbreak. In the NBA the case of Kyrie Irving, no vax, sidelined by the Brooklyn Nets, is now strange. In fact, in New York State, not being vaccinated, he is not allowed to take the field. In Nhl hockey (like Mlb) there are very restrictive rules for the unvaccinated (limitation in travel, loss of salary in the event of matches not played for positivity). But even here there was no shortage of controversies. Evander Kane of the San Jose Sharks has been banned for 21 games (a quarter of a regular season) for forging a green pass.

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Washington State’s coach no vax fired, a refusal of 11 million euros