A-1 women, Monza overwhelms Florence: fifth consecutive victory

Scandicci struggles in Rome, Cuneo conquers Casalmaggiore. Trento and Bust in the field

Tenth day of the women’s A-1 championship with Monza winning the fifth consecutive race while Scandicci struggles a lot in Rome

Monza-Florence 3-0 (25-18, 25-22, 25-17)

Fifth win in a row, seventh of the season, for Monza. Il Bisonte Firenze, who arrived at the Monza Arena with the desire to continue to the precious success obtained this week in Conegliano but never really able to scare Danesi and her companions. Constant defense, monstrous wall (team 14 in three sets) and a continuous and well-executed serve by the whole group, are the weapons with which Vero Volley spreads the Tuscans, which appeared to be able to counteract the hosts only in the second. set, then resolved by Monza with a decisive escape in the final signed by the accelerations of Stysiak, Davyskiba and Van Hecke. Instead, the walls of Candi and Danesi, on the verge of perfect in reading Nwakalor first and Enweonwu then, and the fabulous direction of Orro, who appeared on a day of grace both in the phase of setting that in defense. For Monza, among the positive news in view of the Champions League home match on Wednesday night against Mulhouse, there is also the return of Lazovic: for her also a point and a lot of confidence.

Rome-Scandicci 1-3 (21-25, 23-25, 25-18, 27-29)

Scandicci struggles not a little to beat a difficult Rome that does not give up even after going down 2-0. Barbolini makes a turnover but then is forced to put Pietrini and Bia back on the field to close the game. First set balanced up to 16 all with a decent Klimets and a good Cecconello. Scandicci dominates with natalia and Orthmann but does not find the winning detachment until mid-set. then manages the +3. In the second set the capitoline grows with Pamio as protagonist who drags Rome forward +3. Scandicci’s comeback comes with the entry of Camera and Antropova and the blows of Natalia. Rome is not discouraged, takes the Brazilian wall measurements and extends to +2 again. Scandicci works with experience and patience, Angeloni enters to reinforce the reception and the Tuscans overtake at the very last minute. Rome starts strong in the third going forward 4-1. the capitoline supports the return of Scandicci with Klimets driving force, decisive even on the wall. Toscane in difficulty and Rome takes the opportunity to reopen the race. Pietrini and Bia enter the fourth, left to rest at the start of the game. Still a good start to Rome that hurts the guests against the wall. Scandicci struggles to find a balance but slowly gets back down in the score and closes the race in the final rush

Casalmaggiore-Cuneo 1-3 (24-26, 26-24, 17-25, 23-25)

Casalmaggiore is a flash team, which has never played a tie break. Cuneo, on the other hand, is used to marathons. It may be for this reason that, in a race that does not last five sets but is extended beyond measure (two partial to the advantages and the last one almost reaches it) in the end the Piedmontese win, who shorten in the standings and probably compromise – calendar in hand – the qualification of the Heavy Transport to the Italian Cup. The first two sets are identical but mirrored, that is, they turn the other way around: Casalmaggiore dominates the first until 15-9, then Gicquel revives Cuneo who, also taking advantage of Caruso’s verve and Jasper’s punctuality, comes back up to 17-19 with a 10-2 run. However, it goes to the advantages, because Braga remedies his mistakes in reception, after which the Brazilian wastes the serve and Jasper draws the hands out of 0-1. On the wall Cuneo struggled a lot at the start, but then he seems to dominate in the fundamental (he will finish 14-5) and in the race. Jasper’s block on Rahimova is the photograph of the first part of the game, with the Azerbaijani still out of condition, but from 11-16 (Gicquel stops Braga) it goes to 20-19 for Casalmaggiore with a counterbreak that overturns the set as already happened, with reversed parts, in the first part. A new point to point, with the video check to increase the tension, is resolved by Shcherban with two dunks in a row to the advantages. The third set is the only one really dominated by one of the two teams: it is Cuneo who always exploits the wall (Signorile puts his own, as well as a lucid direction) and for Casalmaggiore Malual is not enough, who also plays a few points but almost all Well. From 15-19 onwards Cuneo no longer allows Casalmaggiore to return. The fourth set is as intense as the first two: no one tears up until 17-20 on Shcherban’s error that seems to direct the game. But no: the Vbc also goes ahead on 23-22 thanks to a positioning error of the Cuneo defense on Braga’s lob. But then Cuneo decides to leave the ciapanò and with Jasper and Gicquel, not surprisingly the best, closes the practice.

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A-1 women, Monza overwhelms Florence: fifth consecutive victory