A1 women, Rome takes the derby salvation

Only one advance for the ninth day of the championship in A-1 women. At the Palaeur Rome wins the battle against Bergamo

Rome-Bergamo 3-2 (20-25, 25-14, 14-25, 25-14, 15-13)

We needed a victory and it was a victory. At PalaEur, in a hard-fought match, Saja’s girls manage to win 3-2 against Volley Bergamo which has proved to be a very compact and difficult team. Five sets fought with a knife between the teeth, where the two teams faced each other openly. The match begins with the two teams chasing each other, point by point, in a succession of very fast actions. You reach 11-13 with an ace from Lanier. The Lombard players thus take three points behind, forcing Saja to time out. Trnkova shortens the distance, but it is then Bergamo to extend again at 14-19. Rome spends the second time-out and brings out Klimets. It is precisely the new entry Decortes to shorten the distance, bringing the result to 17-20, managing to close two good plays and forcing Bergamo to time-out. On his return, Stigrot realizes and immediately after it is Cecconello who closes a good game, bringing the result back to 19-20. It is then Lanier who scores two consecutive points. Bergamo pushes a lot in attack and manages to close the set with an error at Rebora’s serve (20-25).

On the swing

In the second half of the game we start immediately with Cecconello to score the first point, then followed by Lanier for the guests. Rome then manages to lengthen taking to 7-4. Coach Giangrossi calls the time-out, but it is still Acqua & Sapone to go ahead on 8-4. Question and answer of the two teams, with ace from Cecconello and a response from Lanier. Klimets and Trnkova are then to bring the result to 14-8 forcing the Bergamo team to the second time-out. Rome takes off with a series of consecutive points (17-8). Bergamo tries to catch up with Lanier (18-12) and this time Saja calls the time-out. The reaction of the Romans is felt, continuing to grind points up to 25-14. In the third partial Bergamo strong part (4-11). The hosts shorten with Klimets (7-11) but appear quite fogged mentally and suffer a dry 14-25. Fourth set which initially sees the two teams in balance. It is then Rome to stretch on 10-7. Bergamo calls the time-out, but the Roman ones are still sinking, forcing coach Giangrossi to the second call. Rome seems to have awakened from torpor and stretches (17-10) with a good offensive phase. Then the incessant push of the Saja girls continues to bring home the set for 25-14.

Point by point

In the tie-break the two teams face off with no holds barred. We arrive at the change of field at 7-8. It is then Klimets who settles the score and scores an ace. The time-out is called for the Lombard who manage to reach 9-9. Rome is still extending, Klimets crushes and goes on 9/11. The second time-out is called for the guests who, thanks to an error, go to 11-11. Rome then escaped, with Stigrot making the 14-13 and Pamio closing at 15-13. In the next meeting Rome will host Scandicci, while Bergamo will have to face it at home against Chieri.

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A1 women, Rome takes the derby salvation