Arrows Ostrava players dominated baseball awards –

The Czech returned to his parent club Arrows after six years and helped the team to the third title in four years. The coaches and managers of the extra-league clubs were named the best polar bearers, and the players themselves chose him from the personalities of the year. “The price for the polar bears surprised me, because I’m a quarterback and they automatically make fewer mistakes than clutches or other goals, which I think deserve more, but the season was a success for me,” said Czech, who will play for Hippos next season. Brno.

His colleagues from the Ostrava team dominated the prizes for the playoffs. The best batsman was Jakub Malík, the pitcher Boris Bokaj and the most useful player Jakub Kubica. And the former long-time player Arrows was elected a new member of the Czech Baseball Hall of Fame: Ota Kaňok joined the “immortal” as the 26th. “It’s my biggest life award and I really appreciate it,” said the former great batsman, who played from 1984 to 2006.

The newcomer of the extra league, Sokol Hluboká, won two prizes for the best players in the basic part. Martin Mužík took home the best batsman, Jan Novák was declared the best pitcher. The representative Marek Minařík from Tempa Praha fired the most home runs, fourteen in total.

The best junior is Michal Zelenka from Tempa Prague. “It means a lot to me and it motivates me to move on. And I would like to thank my coaches Luboš Čuhel and Filip Procházek for giving me the chance to play the best matches in the extra league, “said Zelenka, who currently represents Czech baseball in the Canary Islands at Euro Prospect Camp.

Filip Procházka became the coach of the year, leading the cadets to the gold medals at the domestic European Championships. Canadian Michael Griffin, the head coach of the national team he led since 2013, was awarded for his long-term coaching contribution. “It was a really great experience and I wish Czech baseball only the best,” Griffin said via video.

Photo:, Martin Hroch

Filip Neusser (left) and Petr Ditrich (middle) officially announced the organization of the European Men’s Championship in 2023 in the Czech Republic by cutting the ribbon.Photo:, Martin Hroch

The fair play award was taken over by Hugo Pejchar from Draky Brno, who corrected the referee’s statement to the detriment of his team in the Czech Cup match.

The guests of the evening, which took place under strict hygienic conditions according to the new rules, were also the chairman of the National Sports Agency Filip Neusser and the secretary general of the European Baseball Confederation. .

The best players of the baseball extra league in 2021:
Individual prices – basic part:
Best batsman: Martin Mužík (Sokol Hluboká)
Most home runs: Marek Minarik (Tempo Prague)
Best bowler: Jan Novák: (Sokol Hluboká)
Best Polar: Petr Čech (Arrows Ostrava)
Person of the year: Czech
Play off:
Best batsman: Jakub Malík (Arrows Ostrava)
Best bowler: Boris Bokaj (Arrows Ostrava)
Most useful player: Jakub Kubica (Arrows Ostrava)
Junior of the year: Michal Zelenka (Tempo Prague)
Coach of the Year: Filip Procházka (cadet team)
Award for long-term coaching approach: Michael Griffin (national team of the Czech Republic)
Judge of the year: Tomáš Špilauer
CBA Hall of Fame: Ota Kaňok (Arrows Ostrava)
Fair play award: Hugo Pejchar (Draci Brno)

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Arrows Ostrava players dominated baseball awards –