Jacobs: “The goal? Lower the 9”80″. Tamberi: “Gold pays off all sacrifices”

The Awards of Italian Athletics on stage at the Maxxi Museum in Rome. And the dt La Torre looks ahead: “For Paris 2024 there is not a minute to waste”

What a year, that year: the same will be said even in a century when 2021 will be remembered for Italian athletics. It was extraordinary, unique, probably unrepeatable. For the five Olympic gold medals (five!), But not only. Obviously, therefore, that at the end of twelve months of such great successes, there is also a moment of collective celebration, a just celebration. It takes place at the Maxxi Museum in Rome, with the Atletica Italiana Awards.


“We have experienced incredible moments – says Federal President Stefano Mei, in the role for less than a year – I know what the pressures of those moments are for athletes and coaches. They were all extraordinary. I am an incurable optimist and I look to the future with serenity: there is no shortage of challenges. In the meantime, we have awakened the passion of Italians for athletics in a period that is difficult for everyone “.

The marchers

“On the eve I said that I was the strongest – smiles Massimo Stano, gold in five circles in the 20 km walk, awarded by the Undersecretary of Sports Valentina Vezzali – but it was not true … But, thanks also to Antonella Palmisano, we of the heel and toe and we from Puglia, we even scored a double “. “We also share the coach, Patrick Parcesepe – she remembers, triumphant on her 30th birthday – one who knows how to use carrots and sticks”.

The number one

Giovanni Malagò, n. 1 of Coni, reveals a possible secret: “It is the spirit of emulation – he maintains – one success leads to another. And the triumphs of athletics in Tokyo inspired the entire Italian delegation”. To bring the group, even temporally, to Japan were Marcell Jacobs and Gimbo Tamberi: “Rethinking the Olympics – says Marcell – is reliving enormous emotions. But I still have a great desire to improve myself and, starting from the small details, I’m working to this”. Who then announced his return to the track, an appointment set for February 4, 2022 in a meeting in Berlin. “I had arrived for years also mentally very difficult – remembers Gimbo Tamberi, who is connected remotely – the Olympic gold has repaid me for any renunciation and sacrifice. And sharing the gold with my friend Mutaz Barshim made everything even more sweet”.

The relay

The other three protagonists of the 4×100 cannot be missing. Lorenzo Patta: “I was ready at the right time”. Fausto Desalu: “Let’s not forget the other members of the group, starting with captain Davide Manenti”. Filippo Tortu: “We are a consolidated and close-knit group, let’s continue like this”. Filippo Di Mulo, the federal technical referent, speaks also on behalf of the personal coaches: “We worked for a great result – he underlines – but a quartet like this had never been seen before, that result did not come by chance”.

Young people

The awards follow one another: here are Alessandro Sibilio and Filippo Randazzo, representatives of the other Olympic finalists, here is Paolo Dal Molin, bronze in the 60 obstacles at the indoor European Championships, here are the many young people, including under 23 and juniors, who have distinguished themselves in the continental and world championships.

Past and future

It is also right not to forget the past: from Stefano Baldini to Gabriella Dorio, from Maurizio Damilano to Ivano Brugnetti, the stars of the generations preceding the current one bring prestige to the history of the movement. “We must continue to be hungry – says the director Antonio La Torre -: on the road that will lead us to Paris 2024 we must not waste even a minute”.

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Jacobs: “The goal? Lower the 9”80″. Tamberi: “Gold pays off all sacrifices”