Tortu’s relay: Filippo’s ideal “quartet”. And Berruti pushes him towards 200

The last Olympic fractionist in Tokyo names his personal 4×100 and meets the gold medal of Rome 1960. Which encourages him to measure himself with his distance and gives him an advice: “Learn to love the curve”

Also in Varese Filippo Tortu was part of a relay race in his own way memorable. After the real, golden one of the Tokyo Games together with Lorenzo Patta, Fausto Desalu and Marcell Jacobs, the sprinter from Brianza last Saturday – and Sportweek was there, to interview him, photograph him and choose him as the cover character for tomorrow’s issue – he was one of the many great athletes invited to the Ville Ponti by Lella and Alfredo Ambrosetti for the fourth edition of “Campionissimi”. Thus, between a reunion of Ignis Anni 70, with Dino Meneghin in the lead, and a Gelindo Bordin-Alberto Cova duet, between Japanese gold medals Caterina Banti and Federica Cesarini and other Olympians such as Manuela Di Centa, Valentina Vezzali, Antonio Rossi and Sara Simeoni , Tortu has decided to make an unusual gesture for him: to pass the baton. Not once but three. The first by giving the original one of the final in Tokyo to the host Ambrosetti (creator of the homonymous Economic Forum in Cernobbio) and then having fun exchanging it – for the photo shoot of Sw – with Livio Berruti, the winner of the 200 Olympics in Rome 1960 , whose archive images have so excited Filippo as a child that he falls in love with athletics.

Why the Maneskins

But in Varese the 23-year-old Olympian chose a third way to relive in some way the atmosphere of the most famous 4x100m of Italian sport: to tell our magazine who they are and why the four characters, not just sportsmen, with whom he would compose his ideal quartet . We anticipate only one, the first, but in reality they are … four. «I choose the Maneskin», Tortu told us, also speaking of his relationship with music (“I listen to it from morning to night, of any kind”), revealing what his soundtrack was. A clue? A very valuable Italian cover of a song by Elton John. But why the Maneskins? “Because with their May triumph at Eurovision (in which the Roman band had participated after the victory of the Sanremo Festival; ed) they launched an international wave of Italian enthusiasm that then” infected “our country and, in particular, sport “.

Livio’s socks

Tortu’s choices, without anticipating them, reveal a Filippo attentive to the most current issues far from sporting laurels. In the long chat, both with him and with Berruti, a reference to the 200 as a new competitive frontier for the sprinter could not be missing, to be added to the 100 and relay. A prospect that the Olympic gold of 1960 hopes for its protégé. To whom also this year, taking advantage of the appointment in Varese, he wanted to give a pair of white sports socks as usual. “There is only one rule for approaching the 200 in the best possible way – explained Berruti -. And that is to experience an erotic sensation towards the curve, to feel pleasure in the thrill of the centrifugal force that is experienced in this moment “.

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Tortu’s relay: Filippo’s ideal “quartet”. And Berruti pushes him towards 200