Australian Open | A positive coronavirus test? Djokovic’s family quickly ended the press conference –

The youngest brother of Serbian tennis star Djordje Djokovic said that truth and justice had won. Dijan’s mother immediately added that he considered the court verdict to be Novak’s biggest victory in his career. “Novak was up against the system and the government. He came to win the tournament. He was never in such a situation. It was very difficult for us when we tried to fight for it for five or six days,” she said.

She could not contact her son directly last week because they took his phone. “Our people sent him support by dancing and singing in front of the hotel, which he heard but could not see. Thank God God exists. This is the biggest victory of his career, bigger than all his grand slams,” said the mother of the 20-time grand slam champion.

Father Srdjan is convinced that Djokovic succeeded due to his psychological resilience. “He wouldn’t let anyone get on his knees. He’s a mental giant, a fantastic young man who never hurt anyone, always got along well with everyone and always tried to help. But the fact that he was from a small poor country obviously didn’t like some powerful people. They don’t like that someone from a small country can be the best in their bourgeois sport, “he said. However, a number of controversies have arisen in the past around the 34-year-old Serbian tennis player.

Photo: Asanka Brendon Ratnayake, Reuters

Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic faces an uncertain future in Melbourne.Photo: Asanka Brendon Ratnayake, Reuters

According to Father Srdjan, the Australian authorities tried to persuade Novak Djokovic to renounce his visa voluntarily, which would lead to deportation. “They didn’t let him talk to the lawyers and his team. Fortunately, they returned his phone after a few hours and he was in contact with his legal team, which prepared a fantastic legal defense. This is a huge victory for him and the whole free-spirited world,” he rejoiced.

But the case is not over yet. The Australian Department of Immigration is considering revoking the visa under the personal authority of the Secretary of State. “I’m afraid of it, but I don’t want to think about it. I just hope it stays that way, that he will be free and able to play,” Djokovic’s mother said.

There was no answer as to why Djokovic had a positive coronavirus test on December 16 and appeared in public a day later. When one of the journalists asked, the press conference ended with Djokovic.

Instead of answering, they started singing the song One Song, One Team. The player’s parents sang the song last year in boxing on Philippe Chatrier’s court, when Novak Djokovic won Roland Garros.

Djokovic himself was able to leave the detention center in Australia and trained for the first time on the courts, where the Australian Open will start next week. The Serb has assured that he is ready to start the season’s grand slam. He shared a photo from the campus on Twitter.

What will eventually be received from domestic supporters is a question. The Australian public was displeased with his medical exemption from vaccination.

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Australian Open | A positive coronavirus test? Djokovic’s family quickly ended the press conference –