Bentil overflowing, Milan bites Virtus wins but Teodosic gets hurt

After the victory of Venice in Trento early on Saturday, today the program of the 15th day is completed. However, a reduced program for Covid: Brescia-Pesaro, Treviso-Trieste and Brindisi-Naples are not played

Milan-Tortona 72-60 A comeback success for the AX Milano that suffers throughout the first half, then regulates a brave Tortona. After a bad start, the AX resumes weaving the usual defensive web, an overflowing Bentil (18 with 13 rebounds), Hall and Grant push the Milanese attack, the final all substance of Melli and Rodriguez is important, Bertram’s are not enough. excellent impact of the Wright-Macura tandem. Tortona had started splendidly, defending hard and triggering Cain in attack: triple and soft support for the former Varese, 0-5. Coach Messina stops the match with a timeout but does not stop the Juventus escape, a triple in transition by Macura 0-8. Bertra’s advantage goes up to double digits, with Doum being a factor on both sides of the field, 0-12. An interference from Sanders unlocks Milan’s long fast that fires blanks, coach Ramondino’s men fly with a blast from Filloy, 2-16. AX unloaded and not a little defensive reactivity, Olimpia’s first real basket is on the eternal Rodriguez-Hines axis, 4-19 for Derthona in the 10 ‘. Try to raise the AX’s defensive intensity but it is always the bad percentages in attack that limit the red and white comeback margins, 6-21 after a number of Macura. A dunk by Melli warms the Forum and triggers the Milanese recovery, Bentil brings the disadvantage of Milan under the double digits, 14-23. Tortona does not give up and relies on Wright’s improvisations, the good rebounding work of Cain and Doum keeps the guests ahead, 16-28. The first triple of Olimpia arrives after 17 minutes, Grant’s bang, Bentil’s brute strength and a flash of Hall are worth a sensational minus 1, 27-28. Alviti misses the bomb of overtaking, an appointment only postponed with Hall putting the buzzer beater on the siren of the interval, 32-31. After the long break Derthona starts better thanks to Macura and Wright, the usual Bentil makes his way in the colored area, rekindling the Milanese attack, 34-35. Lions still fighting in the central part of the third period, Doum and Macura keep the guests ahead, 36-40. Melli is effectively defeated, from Reggio and Bentil the red and white overtaking mark, 45-44. Olimpia’s first mini escape propitiated by Rodriguez’s triple front, Bertram is always glued to her opponents out of pure pride, 51-47 to the penultimate siren. New shoulder of Messina’s men at the opening of the last quarter, also sees the new signing Kell, 55-47. He still has energy and heart to oppose Tortona, Filloy’s bomb, Bentil keeps the threat away from the corner, 60-52 in the 35th minute. Area songs for the Piedmontese team trying to get back into the game, Grant punishes her for the bang that gives the decisive break to the hosts, 65-55. Final without worries for the AX who administers the advantage, Rodriguez closes, 69-57.
Milan: Bentil 18, Hall 14, Grant 13
Tortona: Wright 18, Macura 16, Daum e Cain 8

Reggio Emilia-Virtus Bologna 81-90
Virtus Bologna overtakes Reggio Emilia and takes derby number 54 with an excellent second half in which Pajola (13 points) and Alibegovic (19 and 7 rebounds) show their teammates the way to success even if the bad news comes from ‘ infirmary, with Teodosic having to leave the field 43 ”from the end due to an injury to his left knee. For Unahotels Hopkins (22 points and 11 rebounds) and Olisevicius (25 points) were not enough after an equal first half of the match. Coach Caja chooses the quintet with Cinciarini, Candi, Olisevicius, Johnson and Hopkins while Scariolo, without Weems (positive) but with Tessitori and Cordinier returning, responds with Pajola, Teodosic, Alexander, Alibegovic and Sampson. Reggio Emilia’s start was overwhelming and after 6 minutes coach Scariolo was forced to call time-out to stop the wave of the hosts, inspired by Olisevicius and Hopkins (21-8). Virtus’ reaction is entrusted to the energy of Jaiteh and Alibegovic who manage to give the shock, but Unahotels still goes ahead at the interval (49-42). The second half begins with 11 points from Pajola who puts the match back in balance (56-56 at 25 ‘) and then arms Belinelli’s hand for overtaking (65-69 at 30’). With a triple from her captain, Segafredo reaches the maximum advantage (67-76 at 38 ‘) but a monumental Olisevicius keeps her team afloat (81-86 at 1 and 48 “from the end) before surrendering to the class of Teodosic who , with a couple of anthology assists, inspires the decisive break even if the Serbian ace ends up on the ground with a left knee problem and is forced to leave the field supported by teammates.
Reggio Emilia: Olisevicius 25, Hopkins 22, Cinciarini 7.
V. Bologna: Alibegovic 19, Jaiteh 14, Pajola 13.

Cremona-Sassari 89-80
Pecchia Power. A monster match, that of the Cremona winger: 28 points, 9 rebounds, 5 assists, 10-12 shooting but above all 48 evaluation. So Cremona crashes Sassari and interrupts the losing streak that lasted for 6 games. Banco di Sardegna, stuck at 10 points in the standings, now has to watch their backs, with Vanoli rising to 8, temporarily detaching the slums. Contracted start: 8 turnovers combined in the 1st quarter. It is the rust of the stop forced by the Covid emergency. A wild card from the arc of Bendzius and 3 free from Gentile allows the Sardinians to close the first fraction 15-20 ahead. Cournooh loses Logan on a couple of occasions and the Professor does not forgive: 2 triples in a row and maximum Sassari advantage in the middle of the 2nd quarter thanks also to Treier (32-21). Vanoli shows character: 8-0 partial with the MVP Pecchia protagonist and the game reopened: it goes to rest at 35-36 for the guests. The overtaking is completed in the second half: 4 points from Spaniard (43-38), Dime cancels the Sardinian attack (4 blocks), time out for coach Bucchi but it is of little use. Banco does not score from the field in the first 5 ‘of the 3rd quarter and Cremona takes off for +10. Dinamo tries to stay on their feet relying on Devecchi, who scores by 3, immediately followed by Poeta, the two are 74 years together. The only double figure for Dinamo after 30 ‘however is Logan, and so Cremona faces the last 10’ ahead 61-54, exalting himself for another 4 in a row of Spaniard, including a “Dream Shake” worthy of Hakeem Olajuwon. Bucchi squeezes Devecchi for a defense that does not turn, he relies on the triples of Gentile and Bendzius but loses Logan for 5 fouls 2’16 from the siren. The coup de grace is Pecchia, who else: he scores 83-73 from the corner which closes the game.
Cremona: Pecchia 28, Harris 13, Spanish 12.
Sassari: Gentile 15, Treier 14, Bendzius and Robinson 13.

Fortitudo Bologna-Varese 101-94
In the direct confrontation between the two last in the standings, both revolutionized on the repair market, Fortitudo puts the arrow in the final point to point. The triple of the excellent Benzing, German panzer with polite hands, at -33 ”gives the Bolognese team +4 safety. Then an unsportsmanlike Keene closes the accounts and Varese’s hopes La Fortitudo loses at the last Feldeine but makes the newcomer Frazier debut. On the other hand, Varese, stripped of three USA at Christmas, presents Vene again, on his third arrival in the Lombard club. First quarter nervous due to the importance of the match, the Bolognese team tries a first extension at the beginning of the second with Benzing’s baskets hitting a +11. The guests get back in contact with the blazes of Gentile who is hot in attack and plays three roles while his teammates watch him without doing much to help him. So before the break, the Foritudo, with an inspired Frazier and Groselle who always crushes against the opponent’s half-lengths, returns to take a double-digit advantage (56-45). In the second half Varese comes back strong, with Gentile and a very hot Beane who score the overtaking with a 10-0 in the final of the third quarter. The last fraction is a swing of advantages: Beane from 3 gives the last illusion to coach Vertemati, then a penetration by Frazier and the triple of Benzing (repeated on the final siren) make PalaDozza rejoice. The Effe breathes, Varese is the last lonely.
F. Bologna: Benzing 29, Groselle 17, Aradori 12
Varese: Gentile 28, Beane 25, Sorokas 17

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Bentil overflowing, Milan bites Virtus wins but Teodosic gets hurt