Euroleague, Milan falls at home: 72-93 for Olympiacos

Great shooting evening for the Greeks (18/33 from three) who run away already in the first part of the match. Useless the great test of Shields, for the Ax it is the third consecutive defeat

AX Milano falls at home, beaten by a lethal Olympiacos from the perimeter, 72-93. Great evening shooting for the Greeks (18/33 from three) who run away already in the first part of the match with irrepressible Dorsey, in a rougher second half he fails to recover at Olimpia despite an excellent Shields. Excellent collective performance of the men of coach Bartzokas, with Larentzakis decisive in undermining the red and white defense.

The match

Crazy departure from the arc for Olympiacos, Walkup and his teammates run away with three consecutive triples, 2-9. With patience the AX tries to weave the canvas relying on Datome, but the Greek fire continues, on the report again Dorsey with a bang from a sidereal distance, 4-13. The advantage of coach Bartzokas’ men rises up to double figures, Vezenkov’s tap-in, with cyclone Dorsey raging, 6-18. Clinging to the experience of his great veterans Milan, Hines recovers and offers Shields the bomb of minus 9, 13-22. The former Baskonia increases the number of laps and takes the red and white attack on his shoulders, a foray by Delaney is worth minus 5 at the end of the first quarter, 25-30. Endless shooting also in the opening of the second period, Daniels-Vezenkov back and forth, the Milanese defense more aggressive (blocks by Hines and Daniels), hooking up at 33. on plus 12 with Martin as protagonist, 33-45. A roar from Datome inflames the 7,500 of the Forum, Olympiacos is not upset, the Greek amusement park also rewards Larentzakis and Printezis, 45-60 at the interval.

In pursuit

Fierce fight after the long break, Olimpia makes a mistake but is leonine in attacking rebound, five points in a row by Shields for at least 10, 50-60. The percentages of the Greeks drop, Melli sacrifices himself in defense, dry guests for over 4 minutes but the AX doesn’t break through, 50-62. Papanikolau catches two precious fouls in attack by the hosts, Datome uncovers Milan from 53 but Olympiacos is always in control of the match which also finds the paws of the veteran Printezis, 57-72 at 30 ‘. Try the shoulder to return the AX in the opening of the fourth period, Rodriguez and Shields play the charge, tense stories between the former Trento and Larentzakis. Tension rises with Sloukas managing the host advantage, Messina’s troop slips to minus 19 before Rodriguez’s triple who seems to mentally put the hosts back in the game, 63-77. The hands of the Greeks do not tremble with Walkup who keeps away a Milan that still has fuel, but not the clarity, to seek a desperate comeback. A triple from Larentzakis breaks the heart of Olimpia, Walkup and Sloukas lower the pace to administer the advantage, the Greek director the bomb that closes the contest, 72-88.

AX MILANO Shields 26, Datome 12, Rodriguez e Delaney 8

OLYMPIACOS PIRAEUS Larentzakis 18, Dorsey 14, Vezenkov 12

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Euroleague, Milan falls at home: 72-93 for Olympiacos