Sassari out of the Champions League. Reggio, which I start in the 2nd round of the Europe Cup

Banco eliminated with ko in Ukraine, Caja’s team wins in Germany

Different experiences for Sassari and Reggio Emilia in the Fiba cups. The Sardinians are out of the Champions League after the defeat in Ukraine; the people from Reggio begin the second phase of the Fiba Europe Cup with a splendid away win.

Prometey-Sassari 89-56
Sassari greets the Champions League. The trip to Ukraine does not straighten a European season that was born badly and ended worse, the good performance of Bologna has no echo against the former Bilan’s Prometey and is worth the fourth and decisive defeat in the cup. First part of the race in favor of the hosts who highlight all the defensive limits of Sassari, Harrison and Dowe hit from distance, Kennedy finishes in the second fraction and Sassari touches the -21. The end of the time, however, smiles at Bucchi’s team who, after having remained attached to the game thanks to Mekowulu and the free, finds an important partial framed by the triple on the siren of Bendzius, a basket that is worth -13 to 20 ‘. After the long pause, Dinamo’s recovery doesn’t come, on the contrary it collapses; in attack, Bucchi’s outsiders are in great difficulty, Robinson and Logan never beat the man, while on the other side of the field, Bilan and his companions, take advantage of the many carelessness of the Sardinian defense, so as to touch the +25 in the third half fourth. The match actually ends 15 ‘early, Sassari raises the white flag and greets the Champions League in the worst way, especially from a mental point of view, while Prometey rages going over 30 ahead.
Sassari: Burnell 12, Mekowulu 10, Logan, Bendzius 9
Prometey: Harrison 17, Kennedy 16, Dowe 15

Crailsheim-Reggio Emilia 80-84
Reggio Emilia starts the Second Round of Fiba Europe Cup with an important victory. Coach Caja’s team makes a blitz in Germany on the Crailsheim Merlins field thanks to the excellent performances of Johnson (17 points and 22 evaluation) and Crawford (15 with 9 rebounds) decisive in the last quarter with a 7-0 break and author of the free throws of the success with 4 ”from the end. Without Candi (ankle) and Strautins (mononucleosis) Caja chooses the quintet formed by Cinciarini, Thompson, Olisevicius, Johnson and Hopkins while coach Gleim responds with Shorts, Lewis, Harris, Bleck and Radosavljevic. The Emilians start better thanks to Hopkins, author of 11 points and 7 rebounds in the first half, but the hosts always remain in the wake of Lasisi’s triples and at half-time the game is balanced (37-38). In the third quarter Reggio tries to run away, but the Germans respond blow for blow (59-61 in the 30 ‘) and then place a break of 15-6 in the last quarter which seems to close the conversation. Here, however, a super Crawford takes the chair who with 7 points in a row puts the match back on track (74-74 at 37 ‘) and then triggers Johnson, then signing the free throws of the victory 4 ”from the siren. In the other match of group J, Kiev instead beat Antwerp by surprise (90-82) and the Ukrainians will be the next opponents of the Reggio players on Wednesday 15 December, in the second round of the Fiba Europe Cup. Before this important appointment, Unahotels will return on the pitch already on Sunday at 18.30 against Brindisi for the eleventh matchday of Serie A.
Crailsheim: Lasisi 19, Radosavljevic 18, Shorts 14
Reggio Emilia: Hopkins 18, Johnson 17, Crawford 15

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Sassari out of the Champions League. Reggio, which I start in the 2nd round of the Europe Cup