Bundesliga: Salzburg again makes over 100 million in sales

On the income side, Salzburg generated around 70 million euros less than in the record year 2019/20. This can mainly be explained by the transfer balance. The changes from Erling Haaland, Munas Dabbur, Xaver Schlager and Stefan Lainer brought a total of well over 100 million euros into the club’s treasury. Personnel expenses remained stable with expenditures of over 50 million euros. In the meantime, almost 90 million euros with liabilities of almost 30 million are on the high edge at Salzburg.

Austria’s negative equity increased to 19.2 million euros. Austria has total liabilities of over 79 million euros. As the league noted, the club has only had unchecked information to date. Austria has not yet submitted the annual financial statements approved by an auditor. It was not until Monday evening that the club’s committees agreed on final negotiations with a group of investors. This should avoid bankruptcy with its financial means.

Graphics: APA / ORF.at; Source: Bundesliga

Minus also at Klagenfurt, Admira and Sturm

In addition to Wiener Austria, newcomers Austria Klagenfurt also posted a minus in the millions. The Carinthian company made a loss of more than 3.5 million euros in the past financial year 2020/21. The total negative equity is more than EUR 4.7 million, plus liabilities of almost EUR 5.8 million. Admira (minus EUR 469,000) and Sturm Graz (minus EUR 500,000) also posted negative annual results from the ranks of the first division clubs. before. Second division Wacker Innsbruck has reported a loss of almost three million euros.

Rapid has somewhat cushioned the pandemic and the associated losses in ticket income through participation in the Europa League. Although Grün-Weiß was eliminated after the group stage, almost seven million euros in prize money alone came into the box. After the slight decrease in the previous year, the Hütteldorfer reported a slight plus (700,000 euros) as of June 30, 2021. Liabilities increased (almost 50 million), but so did equity, which now stands at 15.6 million euros.

Klagenfurt with the lowest sales

Number three in terms of turnover behind Salzburg and Rapid is Austria with just under 30 million, clearly ahead of LASK (23.3), WAC (17.5) and Sturm Graz (14.8). Klagenfurt brings up the rear with 2.1 million. WSG Tirol has the lowest personnel costs (3.8 million). Rapid (21.2) is, as expected, the number two behind Salzburg. Austria (13.2) is number three in terms of salaries, but LASK (12.9) spends almost as much on its staff.

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Bundesliga: Salzburg again makes over 100 million in sales