Bundesliga: Sturm ended a winless series in Altach

Manprit Sarkaria (37th) scored in the supplementary game of the 14th round with his seventh goal of the season. The game originally scheduled for November 7th had to be postponed after a wave of CoV in the Graz squad. For Altach there is only one win from the past twelve laps. The gap to the penultimate LASK is just one point. Sturm, however, passed the now equal points Pellets WAC again to second place behind the undisputed front runner Salzburg.

In the “Ländle”, the field had to be cleared of snow the day before, and training on artificial turf had unpleasant consequences. Berkay Dabanli knuckled, the central defender suffered a ligament injury and was absent. In the attack, trainer Damir Canadi relied on the fast leaders Noah Bischof and Dominik Reiter, followed by Adthe Nuhiu. Sturm coach Christian Ilzer switched to two positions. Sarkaria and Ivan Ljubic started in midfield instead of the suspended Andreas Kuen and Anderson Niangbo.

GEPA/Daniel Schoenherr

Sturm coach Christian Ilzer couldn’t hide the joy of the victory

Storm hits after standard situation

In pouring rain the Altach started briskly, but Sturm showed the playfully finer blade as expected. However, the guests who were in the middle of a dense program did not come dangerously in front of the opposing housing. “Looking for deals” demanded Ilzer after a quarter of an hour, but Tino Casali in Altach-Tor remained unchecked. A mistake by Jusuf Gazibegovic even gave the Vorarlbergers a top chance on their tenth goal of the season. Reiter came to a conclusion in the penalty area, but shot significantly over it (27th).

Jon Gorenc-Stankovic injured his elbow while trying to rescue, but the Slovenian clenched his teeth. Kelvin Yeboah – double goalscorer in the 3-1 in the first duel of the season – had Altach under control. So a standard situation had to be created: Ljubic and David Affengruber deliberately let a corner pass, Sarkaria dusted off from an ambush. Even before that, he was the most noticeable storm actor. Sarkaria’s shot should remain the only one on goal of both teams until the break.

Storm gives you a head start over time

Altach wanted to intensify efforts after changing sides, but Jakob Jantscher had the 2-0 for the Styrians on foot after a high ball (55th). On the other hand, it was again a lack of concentration on the Graz defense that enabled Altach to counterattack. Altach striker Bischof did not find Reiter (58th). For Yeboah and Gazibegovic the working day was over after an hour, Ilzer saved energy.

The Altachers tried in vain, even the crowbar with many high balls did not bring anything. Jörg Siebenhandl had to intervene in an interaction between Reiters head and Dante’s toe (67th). In the 95th minute, Sturm had to tremble again, Siebenhandl was again on the spot with a Nuhiu free kick.

Voices for the game:

Damir Canadi (Altach trainer): “That was a very good performance today. I think we left the field as an unlucky loser, we were equal for 90 minutes. We have to end the situations better and score the goals. We easily conceded the goal due to carelessness. But Sturm wanted it that way too. But we could and should have won the game. I can only praise the team. But we have to reward ourselves. At some point we will also take the chances. The quality is there. When you’re ahead, things work out. Last, you have to work hard for the goals, but we will. “

Christian Ilzer (Sturm-Trainer): “It wasn’t a playful fireworks display. There was a fighting game to match the space available. There were few chances to score, we had a great corner variant that worked perfectly. That was the key to victory. In the end, a giant stone fell from our hearts. It was busy this fall season. At the beginning we were able to celebrate a lot of successes, then we slipped into a hole. Even if it wasn’t a brilliant win, it was the best for all of us today. For us it was already a pressure situation before the game. “

Admiral Bundesliga, addendum 14th round


Altach – Sturm Graz 0: 1 (0: 1)

Altach, Cashpoint Arena, SR Kijas

Tor: Sarkaria (37.)

Altach: Casali – Strauss, Zwischenbrugger, Ndiaye – Mischitz (72./Bukta), Aigner, Haudum (84./Schreiner), Edokpolor (77./Prokop) – Nuhiu – Reiter (77./Tartarotti), Bishop (84./Bumberger )

Sturm: Siebenhandl – Gazibegovic (61./Jäger), Affengruber, Wüthrich, Dante – Sarkaria, Gorenc-Stankovic, Ljubic, Prass (86./Geyrhofer) – Yeboah (61./Niangbo), Jantscher (86./Borkovic)

Yellow cards: none or Gazibegovic, coach Ilzer

The best: Edokpolor, Zwischenbrugger or Sarkaria, Gorenc-Stankovic

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Bundesliga: Sturm ended a winless series in Altach