Chrysler Airflow Concept, the electric one with more than 600 km of autonomy

At the Ces in Las Vegas, Chrysler presented Airflow Concept: the super connected two-volume crossover that anticipates the arrival of the first American Ev in 2025. Numerous displays inside with the presence of the Stla SmartCockpit, for a more developed infotainment. Outside in addition to the redesigned logo, the 22-inch wheels with low-drag tires

Stellantis continues on the road to electric, taking it one step further with Chrysler. And it did so on the stage of the Ces in Las Vegas by announcing the plans linked to the American brand: if the first green vehicle arrives in 2025, by 2028 the whole range will be battery-powered. Meanwhile, in Nevada, the concept of the first electric was unveiled, a crossover sedan named Airflow, which came after the Pacifica Hybrid, the first plug-in hybrid minivan. There are several innovations for Airflow: from the reinvented logo on the front to the vehicle’s ability to be connected.

Chrysler Airflow Concept, agli interni lo Stla SmartCockpit

A car “that brings people together both physically and virtually”, is written in a Stellantis note. A super-connected hatchback, thanks to the Stla Brain platform – which guarantees remote updates – and the Stla SmartCockpit, for a more developed infotainment based on the Stla Brain architecture. Inside the cockpit, then, the numerous displays stand out. In addition to the digital dashboard, there are two other screens: one for the classic infotainment and the other for air conditioning, with dedicated displays in the center and sides of the dashboard, alongside the C-shaped air intakes. on the screens they can be shared with all passengers, while with Over-The-Air updates there is the possibility to expand functions and contents. Furthermore, all four seats have an integrated camera, to be able to participate in group video calls.


The concept is powered by two electric motors of 150 kWh, 201 hp each, positioned one on the front axle and the other on the rear, so as to guarantee all-wheel drive. The battery is designed to achieve a range of between 350 and 400 miles (approximately 563-644 km). Additionally, the Chrysler Airflow Concept is equipped with Stla AutoDrive, which offers level 3 autonomous driving capabilities and will be renewable via Ota upgrades. The minimalist exterior design, on the other hand, shows the Chrysler logo reinvented and transformed into a crystal Led detail that runs across the entire front horizontally, while the cut of the rear bumper hides a large diffuser, completing the aerodynamic bottom. The rims are 22 “with low-resistance tires, visible even more with the choice, also for other exterior details, of the Celestial Blue shade. Which is combined with the bodywork in Arctic White and the interior in light colors, made with vegan materials. and eco-sustainable.


“The Chrysler Airflow Concept represents the future direction of the brand – says CEO Chris Feuell – providing a glimpse into the dynamic design, advanced technologies and seamless connectivity that will characterize the all-electric portfolio we plan to achieve by 2028”. And again: “The Chrysler Airflow Concept represents the beginning of the brand’s journey towards a completely electrified future – added Ralph Gilles, Stellantis chief design officer – The design features a decidedly elegant aerodynamic exterior and modern and sophisticated interiors, which bring the customer to a new level of digital pleasure “.

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Chrysler Airflow Concept, the electric one with more than 600 km of autonomy