CJ Björk: Will challenge the best players of all time

CJ’s wild card analysis before the thriller night

Philadelphia’s young quarterback Jalen Hurts has the odds against him when he makes his debut in the playoffs.

The opposition is responsible for the best and most experienced player of all time – Tom Brady.

Tampa Bay’s legends also consider themselves to have revenge on the Eagles after the fatal mistake in the Super Bowl four years ago.

At the age of 23, Jalen Hurts will be the youngest quarterback in Philadelphia Eagles history to make playoff debut. He does it against the player with the most experience of all to play football after New Year – Tom Brady.

But this is not the first time Hurts has encountered a difficult challenge.

At the age of 17, he became the youngest player in the history of the University of Alabama to play the role of QB1 as a first-year student. Together, they won 26 of 28 games over the course of two seasons, before he was replaced the following year by the Miami Dolphins’ current QB Tua Taguvailoa.

The following year, Hurts made his way to Oklahoma, leading them to victory in the Big 12 championship, during a season in which he passed for a total of 3,851 yards and 32 touchdowns.

During high school, Hurts was coached by his father Averion, who was twice as hard on Jalen to show that his son was not favored. This coaching has left its mark on Jalen as he is now his own biggest critic.

The quality itself is good, especially in this sport as self-examination plays a big part. But it must not turn into destructive. A difficult balance for many, but it seems right now that Hurts has the right distribution in the balance.

Started running with the ball

In interviews with the media, Hurts is incredibly patient and journalists rarely manage to elicit any major emotional expressions. But to play the way Hurts plays, it’s about letting go of emotions at just the right time, and especially in the role of QB. You must be able to analyze the situation you are in and based on it, direct the troops correctly to advance and gain ground.

This is exactly what Hurts shows, but he has a lot to learn from the man who is in charge of the opposition tonight.

Tom Brady, on the other hand, has opened up more and more since he switched to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and it’s noticeable that he has more room to be himself and not be as radio-controlled and media-trained as he was during his 20 years with the New England Patriots. .

The last time these teams met was during the sixth week of the season, and then the Eagles got a lesson. The loss numbers 22-28 were flattering for Philadelphia who were allowed to push in two consolation TDs when the match was already decided.

However, this loss was the turning point for the Eagles’ season, which has since gone from two wins with four losses, to a final result of nine wins and seven losses.

A big contributing factor to the Eagles’ strong finish was that they started running more with the ball including Jalen Hurts. This very attribute was one of the major contributing factors to his success at the college level.

That the Eagles’ attack will win this match by only running with the ball is unlikely, they will need the help of the defense.

The last time Brady met the Eagles in the playoffs was with the Patriots in the actual Super Bowl 52 season 2017.

Brady then surprisingly got himself defeated since the Eagles’ defense put heavy pressure on him throughout the match. In the end, they managed to tackle / sack Brady so he dropped the ball and ended up in the hands of Derek Barnett, which was decisive for the end of the match.

This has bothered Brady ever since, and he aims to take his revenge tonight.

Unbelievable Cinderella story

Barnett will be on the field in tonight’s match as well as defensive tackle Fletcher Cox who was also part of the Eagles’ championship team.

Cox is a ten-year veteran with responsibility for pushing Brady in the middle, which is absolutely necessary to disrupt his precision from the pass pocket.

In Super Bowl 52, Eagles QB reserve Nick Foles answered for an unlikely Cinderella story when he subdued Brady.

This time it is the young Jalen Hurts who will try to defy the odds in a battle with the best players of all time.

But in this wonderful sport, anything is possible. Winning for the Eagles tonight would be the biggest bang of the year.

CJ:s wild card-analys

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Philadelphia Eagles (Sunday 6:30 p.m., Viaplay / V sports extra)

Analysis: Philadelphia must establish the running game and focus on a high ball possession, this combined with hard pressure on Tom Brady is the only thing that can give the Eagles a chance.

Buccaneers carry a big favorite in this match and should be able to maneuver this match in a fairly simple way.

Key players: The Eagles need Jalen Hurts to play his best match for obvious reasons mentioned above, in addition to Hurts, the defense has a critical role but ice especially DT Fletcher Cox.

Percent chance of winning: Tampa Bay 90–10.

Dallas Cowboys – San Francisco 49ers (Sunday 22.25, Viaplay / V sports extra)

Analysis: The most difficult match during the wild card weekend takes place at AT&T Stadium. The rivalry of the Cowboys and the 49ers dates back to the 1980s when there was arms race in a league that at that time did not have a salary cap. It’s 26 years since they met in the playoffs, and then it was the 49ers who were the winners and went on to win the Super Bowl season 1994. Cowboys QB Dak Prescott was born in 1993 and of course has a hard time remembering the 90s playoff rivalry between the teams.
49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan on the other hand went to high school and his father Mike Shanahan was the attack coordinator for San Francisco. Kyle has fond memories of that time, but is mostly focused on creating his own playoff successes starting overnight.

The team that wins tonight continues the journey towards the sixth championship title.

Key players: QBs in all glory but in the 49ers it’s about wide receiver Deebo Samuel, as he more or less does everything – runs, passes and catches the ball. For the Cowboys, rookie Micah Parsons will have a big role to play in chasing and limiting Samuel’s progress and pushing 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo.

Tips: Both teams have sometimes shown that they can dominate matches while they can look incredibly uncoordinated in certain weeks.

Chance of winning: Cowboys 55-45

Kansas City Chiefs–Pittsburgh Steelers (söndag 02.10, Viaplay/V sport extra)

Analysis: Pittsburgh is the biggest underdog in the AFC and sneaked into the playoffs with the help of many other teams. Steelers Ben Roethlisberger looks very much like a QB singing the last verse. I would drop my chin if the Steelers even manage to keep a steady beard for a quarter of an hour with the Chiefs. Unlike the Steelers, the Chiefs have topped the form after a tough start and are a strong candidate for the AFC title.

Key players: For the Steelers, it is defender TJ Watt who will be the most important cog for any success, and it is also this team that will be most competitive. For Chiefs, it is QB Patrick Mahomes, who earlier this year was criticized for losing the sting. However, it is a team sport and it was in my opinion the attack in general that had problems.

Tips: That Big Ben would win the Super Bowl in his final season before retirement would of course be a fantastic tale. However, this saga has an end tonight.

Percent chance of winning: Chiefs 99–1.

LA Rams – Arizona Cardinals (Monday 02.10, Viaplay / V sports extra)

Analysis: Both teams lost their matches at the end of their respective seasons. Further similarities are that both have looked strong during the middle of the season to then be the right vanilla.

The Cardinals’ attack has recently been limited to short passes and hopes that QB Kyler Murray will succeed in creating magic, which is a rather hopeless game plan.
Rams, who may have the league’s most star-studded team, have not been convincing either as they have not been able to manage all this talent. QB Matthew Stafford has had problems with ball safety, which is a worrying variable.

Key players: Cardinals Kyler Murray must have a good match and can not afford any mistakes.

Ram’s most important player is Cooper Kupp, whose high level of play has not dipped the slightest, however, as WR can be a tough day if even QB does not deliver.

Tips: The third time the teams meet this season and they have each won. Both of these matches have offered over 50 points, which is rumored that Monday’s match will not be defensively laid.

Chance of winning: Rams 60–40.


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CJ Björk: Will challenge the best players of all time