Corona resolutions: “A lot of actionism” and “ghost games for half the league” – basketball and handball complain about corona resolutions

On Thursday (02.12.2021) Politicians agreed that indoor sporting events should only have an occupancy rate of 30 to 50 percent. A maximum of 5,000 fans are allowed in one hall. In addition, there should be a mask requirement at the seat and the 2G regulation should apply – so access only for vaccinated and convalescent people.

Stefan Holz told the Sportschau as managing director of the Basketball Bundesliga (BBL) that the league with the resolutions “can already live on paper“. Especially since there was a nationwide arrangement of ghost games in the room.two big buts“.

“30 percent can probably not be used up at all”

The first is the “2G Plus scheme that will be difficult“. Entry into the halls is only granted to fully vaccinated or recovered spectators who also have to prove a current negative corona test.

Since the test capacities are currently being used to full capacity, this would prevent or discourage the visit. “This will mean that the 30 percent will probably not be exhausted at all“, so wood.

The second “but” is the announcement of the state governments in Saxony, Baden-Wuerttemberg and Bavaria, which have either already ordered or at least announced ghost games. Nine of the 18 BBL clubs are thus affected. “In fact, half the league has ghost games“Wood railed.

“The worst are unclear framework conditions”

That hit the clubs harder than last season, because at that time the lack of audience income had already been calculated. Also have it “generous state aid“given.”So it turned out well and all clubs got through the season.”

It is difficult at the moment because nobody knows when the fans are likely to return in large numbers. Therefore, suspending the season is also out of the question. Wood: “The worst thing there is for an economic company are unclear framework conditions.”

Bohmann speaks of “symbolism” and “a lot of actionism”

The complete exclusion of fans in at least three federal states is also a thorn in the side of Frank Bohmann. “I doubt the proportionality“, said the boss of the handball Bundesliga of the Sportschau. Not sport, not even indoor sport, was an infection driver, but schools and local public transport, for example.

It will “Symbol politics“operated, Bohmann accused the executives, the pictures of the full football stadium in Cologne on the 13th matchday of the Bundesliga would certainly have contributed to this.”So that’s a lot of activism“, said Bohmann, who also ruled out a break for his league.

The managing director emphasized that HBL had come through the season quite well so far, also because “more than 99.5 percent“the professionals are vaccinated. Because many clubs have also started vaccination campaigns, he said:”We have done our part.

Indoor sports depending on ticket receipts

In handball, ice hockey or basketball, many clubs are significantly more dependent on audience income than in football, which lives primarily from the income from the sale of media rights.

With 2G-Plus, from an economic point of view, it is almost irrelevant whether 30 percent are approved or whether it is a ghost game“, calculated Stefan Holz.” But it is also important to maintain the bond with the fans. “

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Corona resolutions: “A lot of actionism” and “ghost games for half the league” – basketball and handball complain about corona resolutions