Ganna: “I live in happiness and I think of Roubaix. But now I fly to the Maldives”

After having tried the world record on 4 km but having given up the scepter, today he is awarded in Crete with the quartet of dreams: “Then I leave for the holidays and don’t look for me anymore …”

From our correspondent Ciro Scognamiglio

He is still almost bare-chested and before entering the mixed zone he lets out a shout “Come on Johnyyyyyyy” which almost overwhelms the cheering of the velodrome, because someone like Jonathan Milan deserved maximum support even from the lord of the velodrome himself, Filippo Ganna, which remains so even if he had to ‘settle’ for the bronze in the individual pursuit, which is in any case the sixth consecutive podium in the specialty for the Piedmontese since 2016, after four golds and one silver.

At the Roubaix World Cup, however, an umbrella is still needed to ‘shelter’ from the rain of medals that wet Italy, already at 7 against 6 in the entire Berlin 2020 review. Yesterday, third day, there are 3: Milan, 21 years, he was beaten in the individual pursuit only by the American Ashton Lambie. And Elisa Balsamo confirmed that in addition to the world title on the road, she is also a certainty on the track, thanks to the bronze conquered in the omnium, an Olympic specialty. But first of all it is advisable to deepen with Filippo Ganna, before enjoying the well-deserved holidays. Today he is expected to make a blitz with his comrades in Crete, Greece, for the Awards that the Innoc, the general assembly of the Olympic committees, assigns. It is rumored that the gold quartet in Japan (and world champion here) could win recognition as the best ever team in the Games.

Ganna ended a strange day on the podium: a bad start in the morning (14th after the first kilometer) excluded her from the final for gold, and despite taking the bronze she shook her head on the track.

“Unfortunately the legs were what they were at the end of the season. I was not feeling well since the morning. I couldn’t push, I didn’t have the right feeling. When you have a block start and you’re not on the right day, it’s tough. In the afternoon I had recovered and I wanted to try, to take back that famous record (3’59 ”930 on the 4 km of Lambie, ed). But I started too strong and the last time I had done the individual pursuit was in Berlin 2020. At that point, I was certain of the bronze (he had taken the Swiss Imhof, ed) and I got up. I had to start less ‘shot’ and keep the opponent more as a point of support ”.

Did you feel a little bit unaccustomed to the test?

“Yes, in the sense of having to find familiarity with the gesture. While the quartet’s mechanisms are much more tested. I am pleased to have attempted the record, I understood once more that it is not impossible, I will have to manage the effort better ”.

He spoke of fatigue. More physical or more mental?

“I’ll tell you something, I only came here to do the quartet and that’s it. Today I did the test because Marco signed me up, we had three places for my world title and therefore I didn’t hold back, even if when you did a season of around 70 days of racing, two less tests can make the difference. However, the other two guys did an excellent test. Among other things, for Milan it was an excellent experience and Lambie did not prove to be from another planet ”.

And Manlio Moro, from Friuli, seventh at 19 in 4’10 “539?

“Hats off to him. Very strong, he’s gone. A result that tastes good for the future.”

He knows that Lambie after the gold said ‘Between me and Ganna there is no story, the best is him. I can’t even count everything he has won and how many things he does during the year ‘?

“I am happy that he won, he had been chasing this gold for some time. Then he has the primacy … An exceptional rival, one more incentive to improve even though I always think of my own what I can do to progress”.

If you look back on your long season, what do you think?

“Definitely that’s okay. Olympics, World Time Trials and here with the quartet, much more. The feeling is that of happiness “.

Knowing her, she wouldn’t have traded her 5th individual title for the first team title, right?

“More than fair, that was the goal. But it was already before the departure from Tokyo that we said it. There Bertazzo had been a reserve, some had stayed at home, and then I had told everyone that I would go to this World Cup for them. . It was wonderful. If I have to put the Olympics and World Championships on the scales, I say that the Olympics are heavier. But even the five of us who all end up with the rainbow jersey… A huge pleasure “.

We are just a few meters from the arrival of the Paris-Roubaix team that you won five years ago from the Under 23s. Will we see you at the start in 2022?

“We started talking about the idea of ​​racing in the North next spring, but we will talk more about programs with Ineos-Grenadiers in December, not before. Now after the passage from here to Crete I go home, then home-Maldives. There , do not look for me on the phone, because you would not find me “.

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Ganna: “I live in happiness and I think of Roubaix. But now I fly to the Maldives”