Noko, the Italian e-bike with the belt instead of the chain: 200 km range

At Eicma 2021 (hall 13, stand M74) the new Italian brand presents itself with three pedal-assisted proposals: the urban Forza and Tempo models, and the gravel Vulcano. Aluminum frame and Fsa electric kit: weight 14.8 kg. The extra battery is the size of a water bottle

A range of pedal assisted e-bikes made up of different models designed for the urban habitat with some elements in common, from attention to design to the possibilities of customization. The Italian brand Noko presents itself to the market of electric bicycle enthusiasts with a triple proposal (including two bikes characterized by the use of carbon belt transmission, which “retires” the traditional chain), under the spotlight of Eicma – International Cycle Exhibition Motorcycle and Accessories 2021 on stage at the Milan-Rho Fair with opening to the public from Thursday 25th to Sunday 28th November.


The Noko range of urban e-bikes, which leverages various customization possibilities of the models (Forza, Tempo and Vulcano) through the official website of the Italian brand – from the choice of components to the color of the frame to the accessories -, on a technical level, mounts the electric kit signed by Fsa (engine and battery group) and is able to travel up to 200 kilometers with a single recharge, which takes place with the traditional household power socket in 4 hours. Fsa, technical partner of the Noko project, also signs the seat post and handlebars. The total weight of each model is 14.8 kilograms (size M).


The range of pedal assisted bicycles by Noko was developed thinking in particular of cyclists who use the two-wheeled vehicle in the city every day, with three models: Forza (city bike with “high” top tube); Tempo (variant of the city bike with the “low” upper tube), both with belt transmission with a single ratio. The triptych is completed by the Vulcano model (gravel e-bike), able to alternate asphalt, dirt roads and dirt roads that are not too complicated on a technical level, thanks to ad hoc geometries, sculpted tires and 11-speed gearbox produced by Sram.


All Noko bicycles are made from a 6000 alloy aluminum frame and are fitted with the Fsa electric kit which includes the 250 W power and 42 Nm torque motor housed in the rear hub and the (compact) 250 battery produced by Samsung. Wh, integrated into the down tube. The biker can adjust the assistance of the electric motor by choosing one of the five levels provided. The autonomy – which is conditioned by various factors: weight of the biker, type of route, “seniority” of the battery, … – can reach 100 kilometers (with 1,200 meters of elevation gain), while equipping itself with the Range Extender (additional battery which is as large as a bottle of water and is transportable like a water bottle) touches 200 km. The braking system with 160 mm discs is among the technical features shared by the Noko Forza, Tempo and Vulcano models. List prices start at € 3,990 for the Forza and Tempo models; from 4,350 euros for Noko Vulcano.

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Noko, the Italian e-bike with the belt instead of the chain: 200 km range