President Dagnoni: “Safety at the center of everything”. Gasparini hit by car

Appointment in Ravenna with the Escort Day to reflect on the most serious emergency in the world of two wheels. The Como was hit by a car that, in a roundabout, did not give her way: “I’m fine, but she can’t take it anymore”

Appointment in Ravenna with the Escort Day, an event organized by Gs Progetti Scorta chaired by Silvano Antonelli. An essential moment of reflection on the safety of cycling races and on the road emergency that affects everyone, from professionals to enthusiasts. The data on cyclists who die on the roads are inconceivable: because we are talking about almost 300 lives broken every year.
The guest of honor was the president of the Cycling Federation, Cordiano Dagnoni, who said: “Safety in cycling races and that for athletes in training are always topical issues, as well as the proposals for the appropriate changes to the Highway Code to get to tangible results, in a society that is painstakingly trying to get out of the vision that sees the car at the center of mobility. For the safety of its competitions, in addition to the valuable role of race directors, the Federation provides important figures such as relay motorcycles and technical escorts who, in support of the Police Forces, favor the right interventions to block traffic at the passage of runners. These are volunteers in motion who lend their commitment with professionalism and who must also be adequately protected “.

So again the president Dagnoni: “The GS Progetti Scorta has long been in the front row for the promotion of these important social issues and wants to do it with a progressive planning. A reasoned proposal that tries to fully understand the critical issues by acting methodically and not on the momentum of the emotionality of the episodes. Putting safety at the center of everything, as happens on Escort Day, is the most beautiful message that can be given. On this occasion, the work of all those people who make their experience and time available to the group, bringing the level of service to excellence. Furthermore, the Safety Award rewards those people who during their life have distinguished themselves in promoting important messages with concrete actions. A prize for consistency and determination, a prize for the example set, without distinction between important and less important events “.

Another accident Sacrosanct words. Then in the evening the news arrives via social media that Alice Gasparini, 24 years old from Isolmant Premac Vittoria from Como, has been hit on her streets: “Like a normal Sunday of sport it shouldn’t even start – wrote Alice, who was taken to Pronto Rescue -: a car didn’t give me a right of way while I was already in the roundabout … Luckily I’m fine and I haven’t done anything serious_ But it can’t take anymore! ”.

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President Dagnoni: “Safety at the center of everything”. Gasparini hit by car