Resistance and injury to a public official, Sagan convicted. “I’m sorry, it won’t happen again”

The episode refers to last April 25 in the Principality of Monaco. The Slovak was in the car with his brother Jurai and had violated the curfew

The 31-year-old Slovakian Peter Sagan, who will be a TotalEnergies runner from January 1 after his years at Bora-Hansgrohe, received a fine of 5,100 euros (plus 1,500 to be paid to the plaintiff) for what happened on 25 April, when he was was stopped in Munich: he was in a car with his brother Jurai and had violated the curfew on his return from an evening in which, it says “not a little alcohol had been consumed”. Furthermore, Sagan was upset when told to get out of the car, injuring a brigadier in the right hand. Peter would have justified this anger with the fear “that they would force him to get vaccinated”, the magistrate said (he had had Covid a few months earlier). And he apologized, but without being able to avoid the process that has just ended.


“As for the news published this morning and relating to what happened on the night of April 25, I want to take this opportunity to present my most sincere apologies. It was an experience that made me think deeply and that gave me important lessons. I am truly sorry for an accident that will certainly never happen again ”. This is the comment, through his social channels, by Peter Sagan, regarding what was reported in the morning by nice morning. Then he added more details: “I was at my ex-wife’s apartment to put my son to bed. I had a couple of glasses of wine, then decided to go home even though the curfew had already begun as it is my doping control address. I did the 500 meters between the two houses on an electric scooter driven by my brother Juraj. It wasn’t me driving, I wasn’t in a car, I didn’t have an alcohol test. But the police wanted to take me to the hospital for a drug test and I didn’t understand that. So I got angry, which led me to push the officer. I am really sorry for the whole accident, a bad experience that made me think and from which I will draw valuable lessons ». Another clarification is necessary, because the first reconstruction had made us imagine that the Slovak was unvaccinated or no-vax, he who at the beginning of this year had been hit by Covid-19 while he was training in Gran Canaria. But his entourage let it be known that Sagan regularly completed the vaccination process in the summer. In recent days, after winning the Criterium of the Giro d’Italia in Dubai, Peter had been to Argentina for the presentation of the Vuelta San Juan, where on January 30 (until February 6) he is expected to make his seasonal debut with the new colors: saw a Boca Juniors football match at the Bombonera in Buenos Aires, receiving as a gift the number 10 shirt, the one that was worn by Maradona.

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Resistance and injury to a public official, Sagan convicted. “I’m sorry, it won’t happen again”