Czechia – Finland 4: 5, Drama with a winning end for Finland, floorball players are waiting for the bronze medal match –

The Czechs led 2: 1 and 3: 2 in the replay of the duel for 3rd place from the last World Championships in Switzerland, but in the end Oona Kauppi decided with her second goal in the match in 48:10. Her sister Veera scored four points for two goals and the same number of assists.

The Czechs were not helped by two goals by captain Eliška Krupnová, who set a new Czech record with 23 goals at world championships. Her team will compete for the second second bronze medal in 2011 on Sunday in St. St. Gallen.

Sharp start

The Finns took the lead after 54 seconds. After the shot of their biggest star Veera Kauppi, the balloon bounced towards her twin Oona, who overtook Jana Christianová from a large goal area. But in 18 seconds it was settled. Karolína Suchá pushed through the defending Iida Mettäläová and matured into Christ Nieminen with a bluff into the forehand. In the middle of the introductory part, Krupnová hit the opposite upper corner of the goal from the right guard and turned the situation around.

In the 14th minute, Veera Kauppi took care of the equalizer, who headed exactly to the far post via the kneeling Vendula Beránková. In 85 seconds, Krupnová returned Rhyner’s choice again, directing Denisa Ratajová’s attempt into an open goal. It was the 23rd goal for Krupnová in the 35th match at the world championships and she beat the Czech record holder Tereza Urbánková, who scored 22 goals in 30 duels at the World Championships.

A quick winning goal

In the second third, the chances diminished and the game was played more carefully. The Finns struck in the 33rd minute. Veera Kauppi relaxed on the right in front of Maria Havlíčková and was right again. Oona Kauppi could turn the situation in four minutes, but Christian had a great chance to eliminate it.

The Czech goalkeeper kept her team under increasing pressure from her opponents, but after 131 seconds My Kippiläová came in front of her and sent the Finns into the lead. In the 48th minute, Michaela Mlejnková arranged a 4: 4 draw, who sent a balloon behind Krista Nieminen’s shot after Ratajová’s shot from the back guard.

In 42 seconds, however, the Finnish front row took office again. Veera Kauppi charged Oona and the Czech team had a shortage again. In the 52nd minute, only one goal remained, thanks to a great intervention by Christianová with another chance of Oona Kauppi. On the other hand, Michaela Kubečková had the opportunity. Martina Řepková also sent a dangerous attempt. At the very end, Ratajová did not have an exact line of sight during the power play.

Uppsala Floorball World Championships (Sweden)
Czechia – Finland 4: 5 (3: 2, 0: 1, 1: 2)
Goals and recordings: 2. Suchá (Plášková), 11. Krupnová (Jiráková), 16. Krupnová (Ratajová), 48. Mlejnková (Ratajová) – 1. O. Kauppiová (V. Kauppiová), 14. V. Kauppiová (Westerlundová) ), 33. V. Kauppi (Kippila), 43. Kippila (O. Kauppi), 49. O. Kauppi (V. Kauppi). Judges: Andersson, Eliasson (both Swedes). Without exclusion. Attendance: 1588.
Czech Republic: Christianová – Beránková, Jiráková, Koníčková, Paloncyová, Havlíčková, Keprtová – Ratajová, Krupnová, Bačová – Plášková, Suchá, Řepková – Chudá, Kubečková, Trojánková – Mlejnková. Coaches: Sascha Rhyner and Jakub Robenek.
Sweden – Switzerland 14: 1 (4: 0, 6: 0, 4: 1)
Goals: 15., 31. and 47. Delgadová Johansson, 21., 23. and 40. W. Johansson, 14. and 34. Tschöp, 11. Gustafsson, 18. Sundberg, 35. Loneberg, 41. Wibronová, 49. Sjöbergová, 56. Viströmová – 43. Gerigová. Judges: Reichelt, Kostinek (both Czech Republic). Exclusion: 4: 2. Utilization: 2: 1. Attendance: 2351.
5th-8th place:
Norway – Slovakia 4: 5 (1: 2, 2: 2, 1: 1)
Goals: 1. and 58. Hansenová, 22. Blekkanová, 40. Farnesová – 4. and 45. M. Šponiarová, 19. K. Hudáková, 27. Klapitová, 38. Ferenčíková.
Denmark – Poland 4: 7 (3: 2, 0: 5, 1: 0)
Goals: 9th, 11th and 19th FM Olssová, 44th Vistisenová – 27th, 28th and 30th Z. Krzywaková, 6th and 10th Zagórská, 22nd Helmanová, 32nd J. Krzywaková.

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Czechia – Finland 4: 5, Drama with a winning end for Finland, floorball players are waiting for the bronze medal match –