DFB women – between semi-final dreams and neighborhood frustration

The UN Women Campaign “Orange the World” takes place annually between November 25th, International Day against Violence against Women, and December 10th, International Human Rights Day. “We want to set an example and position ourselves clearly”said Voss-Tecklenburg. “Violence against women is an absolute no go. We want to encourage people to say ‘no’ before borders are exceeded and to call for the subject to be removed from the taboo, especially when it comes to domestic violence. ”

Oliver Bierhoff sets the bar high

The national teams of women and men make the call together. But that is not the only reason why national coach Hansi Flick, Sara Däbritz and Manuel Neuer have recently come together. The German Football Association (DFB) is generally concerned with highlighting the sporting consonance of its two figureheads. On Wednesday afternoon (November 24th, 21st) Flick, who was still in London, and Voss-Tecklenburg from the team hotel in Wolfsburg had a media appointment together.

Two screens, one goal: “The last four are women and men. One title every ten years”, Oliver Bierhoff, as director of national teams, renewed the specifications from a box in the Frankfurt Arena. In plain language: At the next major event, the EM 2022 in England (July 6th to 31st), the DFB women should not mourn their unnecessary elimination in the quarter-finals as they did at the 2017 or 2019 World Cup, but please again until advance to the semi-finals.

Referring specifically to the host, Bierhoff demanded: “England is a role model in how they push women’s football with the help of the Premier League clubs. We as German football have to step up. Other nations have caught up, perhaps overtaken us, but as the football country we are, we want to be world class.”

Lack of appreciation in the area on offer

But even the European Championship preliminary round group with Spain, where FC Barcelona is currently setting the bar at club level, and vice-European champions Denmark poses the risk of stumbling. That was the result of the pompously orchestrated draw in Manchester at the end of October. as “really frustrating” the national coach then felt the inspection trip to the island to look for accommodation. “It is not good what is being offered to us. All 16 teams were not satisfied with the hotels and places”, criticized the 53-year-old on the day before the Turkey game.

It just doesn’t fit if UEFA constantly emphasizes the promotion of women’s football, but the EM quarters on offer at the back and front do not match the requirements. 45 minutes one-way travel time to the training ground is unacceptable, and the accommodation is also unacceptable “not adequate”.

These sporting framework conditions simply have to be right. At the end of November, the DFB should state its prioritization of the hotels – or have to find a replacement camp, which is not easy in the greater London area. In the sporting management of the DFB women, this issue clearly depresses the mood.

High vaccination rate among DFB women

Her personal ambitions are guaranteed, the opinion-loving football teacher from the Niederrhein region thinks about holistic support in her segment around the clock. Almost in passing, she now mentioned that the vaccination rate among German players was “almost 100 percent” lies. Corona problems like those that plagued Flick at the last international matches are still alien to her at the moment.

However, the road to further development remains rocky. It starts with the fact that only 3,000 spectators are expected in Braunschweig against Turkey, after a total of 1,814 visitors lost to Israel (7: 0) in the Essen stadium. One problem is that the gain in knowledge and entertainment value against overwhelmed opponents in the qualifying games will again be limited.

Portugal will be a real touchstone

Voss-Tecklenburg is counting on the next opponent in Turkey, the “stand low” will. It takes creativity, courage and speed. Nonetheless: “I.I expect a clear victory.“It will only get tighter at the end of the year when it comes to group runners-up Portugal in Faro (11/30/2021 / 7 p.m.). “They will challenge us with their technically great players”, believes the national coach. “We see Portugal as the most demanding task in our group.”

But there is no doubt that with two wins now in November one “A giant step in the right direction” (Voss-Tecklenburg), i.e. to Australia and New Zealand for the 2023 World Cup. Colleague Flick raised his thumb from England and wished him good luck. The national coach has not yet met in person – the failure should finally be made up for at a meeting of all DFB coaches in December. If the pandemic still allows it by then.

Stand: 25.11.2021, 19:30

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DFB women – between semi-final dreams and neighborhood frustration